Monday, 29 August 2011

Twitter fake page: Beware it will steal your password (phishing)

If you get a Direct message that looks like this:

ROFLMAO i can't stop laughing at this pic of you
Direct message sent by YourFriend (@yourFriend) to you (@YourName)

The first reaction is to click on the short link which will take you to which will resolve to (notice the ‘l’ before the ‘t’ of twitter) which will present a FAKE Twitter login page that looks exactly like the Twitter web site with username and password screen:


Please beware – since this is a FAKE login screen – So do NOT enter your login details!

If you do enter your username and password – then the fake page will steal your username and password and then redirect you to another fake page:  (notice the ‘l’ before the ‘t’ of twitter)
Once the phishers have harvested your login details then they will send DMs to all of your followers and send them the same “ROFLMAO” message and hope that they fall into the same trap and log in to the fake Twitter page.

Be careful out there and remember to ALWAYS check the URL of the page that you are logging in to.

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