Friday, 1 May 2009

Calculator: Financial calculations answered

Have you ever wondered how use and figure out your Bond/loan's numbers?
Here are some 20 Financial/Bond/Mortgage calculators that have explanations of what the numbers mean:

Here's the list of calculators... match the Question with the Calculator to use:
1) How Much Will My Bond Payments Be?: Use: Mortgage payment calculator
2) How much do I still owe the bank?: Use: Mortgage principle calculator
3) How big-a-bond can I afford?: Use: Affodability calculator
4) If I pay an extra R100 each month, then how much will I save in the long term?: Use: What if I pay more every month calculator
5) Should I rent or buy?: Use: Rent vs. Buy calculator
6) What if I pay my credit card debts: Use: Paying off Credit Card debt with minimum payments
7) If I pay an extra R100 each month, then when will the debt be paid off? Use: Mortgage length calculator
8) Comparing loans from 2 banks: Use: Which loan is better calculator

Use our 20 Mortgage calculators to calculate your payments

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