Monday, 30 April 2012

Check your past Lotto and LottoPlus tickets against all the past draws

I have recently started purchasing Lotto tickets but didn't keep up with the draw results each week. Then later, I decided to check if I had won anything. To my amazement, the Lotto web site didn't allow me to enter my set of numbers and auto-check if I was a winner on any of the previous draws! [updated on 21Nov2008]

So, I decided to write my own "calculators".
Download it from here:

Lotto Calculator:
Zipped 300KB: {updated on 19May2009}
LottoPLUS Calculator: Zipped 400KB: {updated on 19May2009}

It allows you to check your numbers in 2 ways:
1) If you are a person that purchases a constant (favorite) set of numbers each week, then use the "Lookup1_TicketAgainstALLresults" worksheet.
Note: this worksheet searches through all draws
2) If you are a person that purchases lots of different numbers in a week, then use the "Lookup_20_TicketsAgainstONEdraw" worksheet. Note: this worksheet searches through one draw's results

It now shows the actual prize money paid out per win.

the "Lookup1_TicketAgainstALLresults" worksheet uses the list of results in the "lotto_export_to_excel" worksheet. To update this list, download the spreadsheet from and then cut and paste the list over the existing numbers.

Good luck! I think it's a sign of the times that we're turning to the Lotto in an attempt to beat the rising inflation and cost of living......

Update on 30Apr 2012: I found a site that does an online search (on a per draw basis) and checks your numbers and winnings:

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