Thursday, 17 April 2008

Zimbabwe inflation hits 165,000%, so how much will something cost in a week, month, year?

CapeTalk and BBC reported this am that Zimbabwe's inflation has hit 165,000%, and I was wondering what this would mean if I was suddenly put into a financial environment suffering with that kind of burden! Taking a loaf of bread as an example, say it cost R7.00 then what would it cost next year, next month, next week, next quarter, tomorrow? {Assuming a linear inflation rate increase!}
I have created an inflation calculator to see the figures on paper! And yes, it's very, very, very scary!

Now Tomorrow Next week Next month Next quarter Next year
7 39 221 970 3,857 11,557

Click here: for my Inflation Calculator and see how other prices will increase...

See here for another view on inflation calculations:
Zimbabaloola in Zimbabwe

I don't think the new ZW$10 million will help nor last long! {see BBC for a photo of a handful of ZW$s}

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