Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Calculator: The Pool Calculator: how much of what should you pour in to your pool to get it to sparkle?

If you ever needed to figure out (say) how much acid to pour into your pool so that the PH would be adjusted to the ideal? Well, The Pool Calculator (by Jason Linhart) can help you do that, and much, much more....

Simply enter your pool's size and pool surface, then configure your goals, change the units to metric, then you're on your way to getting those answers.

Enter your current chemical levels (test results) and The Pool Calculator tells you how much of each chemical to add to keep your water in balance.

There's even an iPhone app that you can purchase here:
or here:

Available calculations include:
- FC = Chlorine
- pH: Raising and lowering
- TA = Total Alkalinity
- CH = Calcium Hardness
- CYA = Stabilizer or cyanuric acid
- Salt
- Borate (Borax)
- CSI = Calcium Saturation Index (similar to LSI = Langelier Saturation Index)
- Recommended ranges for each chemical level
- Volume

See here for a detailed description of each parameter:

Here's a step-by-step guide to using the calculator:
1) Change the "units of measure" (top right of the screen)
2) Go to the bottom of the screen, to the "Estimating pool volume" section to calculate the amount of water in your pool. Enter the width, length (average) depth and shape of your pool. This will calculate the number of litres.
3) Take this number and go to the top of the screen and put it into the "Size" of the pool
4) Go to the "Suggested Goal Levels" section (at the bottom of the table) and choose which suggested goal levels you would like to use (Traditional or TroubleFreePool.com's goals. This will set different goal values and adjust the amount of chemicals so that your pool's water reaches those goals. Suggested goal levels will be displayed for FC, pH, TA, CH, and CYA. Suggested goals are simply a starting point. There are many situations that are not covered by these basic guidelines.
5) Your calculator is now set up and in the next steps you can enter the current chemical levels and The Calculator will give you the amounts of chemicals to pour in so that the goals are attained.
For example, if your pH level is 8.0, and the ideal is 7.5 to 8, then you should add 500ml of dry acid.

Note: SWG - Salt Water Chlorine Generator

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