Sunday, 29 June 2008

1 more day to purchase 27.3% cheaper electricity... do it now

CapeTown electricity is going up by 27.3% on 01July - that leaves 1 day for you to stock up on cheaper electricity:  

Refer to my earlier blog "Does it pay to topup your pre-payment meter?", I have purchased a few months' worth of electricity.

Here are some of the questions that are answered:
3) How much pre‑paid electricity can I purchase before the increase?

To save money you can top up your pre-payment electricity to a maximum of 9,999 units. allows purchases of up to R2,500 per transaction but more than one transaction can be made…. as long as your credit card can take it! If you try and top up too much, then your meter will disallow entry of the ‘token’ – you will need to wait until you’ve used up some units.

Note: that if you pay a ‘daily service fee’ [on tariffs: ‘Domestic 1’ or ‘Domestic 3’], then you cannot pre-purchase ‘daily service fee’ “credits” (in other words, you can only stock up on units, not ‘daily service fee’). This means that if you purchase 4 months worth of units, you will pay the current per unit price of electricity, and in 4 months time when you purchase again, you will then be charged 4 months of ‘daily service fees’ (at the new increased rate)…. So, there’s no getting around the ‘daily service fee’ increase.

4) When must I key in my purchased units?
The purchase transaction is for units (not Rands) – the pre-payment meter has no knowledge of the actual price of the electricity, so it doesn’t matter when you enter the token into the meter – as long as the purchase is made before the price increase comes into effect (that’s probably 01July for City of Cape Town).

...and more

And while you're saving money, why not ready the blog "Why pay cash for pre-paid electricity when you can use your credit card?" and earn cash back and "reward points".

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Eskom has just announced the electricity price increase for this year: 27.3%

The 27.3% is made up of 14% from December and 13.3% from today's additional award. I'm going to save that 27.3% by pre-purchasing as much electricity as I can.

Referring to my earlier blog "Does it pay to topup your pre-payment meter?", I will purchase a few months worth of electricity before 01July2008.

And while you're saving money, why not ready the blog "Why pay cash for pre-paid electricity when you can use your credit card?" and earn cash back and "reward points".

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Join the FatWallet cashback scheme and get cashback eg: 20% on your SkypeOut purchases

In a previous blog posting, I referred to getting cash back when purchasing SkypeOut credits. Judging from the low hit-count, I'm pretty sure many of you missed the other benefits and discounts offered by FatWallet.

To get your 20% SkypeOut discount: register on (it's free, no catches!) using this link: Register on FatWallet (join today and earn R10) then purchase your SkypeOut credit using this link: Purchase SkypeOut credit

has many more stores (currently 46) that offer varying discounts - some fixed, some vary depending on the size of your purchase.

Whenever you plan to do online shopping, shop through Fatwallet’s links so that you can receive cashback on all your purchases.

See here for an sortable list of stores and their discounts (correct as on 05 June 2008): FatWalletStores05June2008.xls

If you join their affiliate program, then you can earn from others joining and spending too!: For each person that creates a new FatWallet account via your special referral link, you and your friend will get R10 once your friend has earned R100 or more in cashback.

Store Discount

AutoPedigree 1.13%

BA Holidays 4.80%

Beds-On-Line 6%

BondShark 0.80%

Brother Tours 5.60%

Celldorado R 18.40

Cellucity R 40

CNA 7.20%

Credit Health R 20

CyberCapeTown 3-5%

DealADay 4%

Dial Direct 6.67%

Digital Planet 4%

Disney Book Club R 36

Eastern Gifts 8%

E-Bookings-SA 2-6%

ETShirts 24%

Europcar 12%

Find A Florist 5.60%

Freshmeet 40%

GetAhead 18.80%

GiftDay 5.60%

Invela Bridging Finance 4%

Jamster R 16

Loot 4%


McCarthy Call-a-Car R 160

Mobularity R 1.50

Mortgage SA 0.34%

MTN RentAMobile 12%

Musica 8%

Netflorist 8%

PC Mall 4%

SA Camera 2.80%

Secubond 0.40% Ringtones R 1.60

Skype 20%

Software Store 4.80%

The Lifestyle Cafe 8%

TravelInsure 9.60%

Travelstart R 64

Truworths R 24

Virgin Money R 80

WebEngine 10%

WebExposure R 120

YakYak VOIP 5.60%

Get emailed when that important web page/blog changes - it's like an URLy warning system, that shows you exactly what has been changed

Get emailed when that important web page/blog changes - it's like an early (or is that URLy) warning system, that shows you exactly what has been changed.

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Have you lost a user guide/instruction manual - well here's a site that will save you lots of time!

Where is my user guide? So much time wasted looking all over the place for the instruction manual to tune the tv-set, find the printer cartridge replacement how-to, the meaning of the blinking led on the dashboard. How many user manuals available only on cd-rom, on the internet? What can you do when an e-bay auction you won ends with you getting the item without the instructions?

On this site ( you will easily be able to find the required instruction guides and user manuals that you need - for free!
Just search for the brand and/or the product reference and click on the "Search" button.

Upload your user guides - in case you lose it, then you that it's always retrievable from

The site allows you to download and store user guide, user manual, use instruction, instructions, schematics, quickstart guide, operating manual, feature sheet, data sheet, booklet, service manual, use and care guide, quick start guide, users guide, owners manual, user's guide, instructions manual, installation manual, installation software.

You can browse for guides by category:
Domestic Appliance
TV | Audio
Car | Motorcycle
Camera | Video
Gardening | Housekeeping
Video Game | Software
Jewelry | Watch
Baby | Toy
Hygiene | Health

Or you can browse for guides by Manufacturers:
A Acer, Asus, Apple, Alcatel, Aastra, Arthur Martin, ...
B Blaupunkt, Brother, Brandt, Blackberry, BMW, Benq, ...
C Canon, Casio, Clarion, Cisco, Citroën, Candy, ...
D Denon, Dell, D-Link, ...
E Electrolux, Epson, Elna, ...
F Fujifilm, Fujitsu Siemens, Fagor, Ford, Fiat, ...
G GE, Garmin, Grundig, ...
H HP, Honda, Hitachi, Haier, ...
I IBM, Icom, Indesit, Iriver, ...
J JVC, Jensen, Jabra, JBL, ...
K Kenwood, Konica Minolta, Kodak, Kawasaki, ...
L LG, Lexmark, Lenovo, Logitech, Lexibook, ...
M Motorola, Moulinex, Medion, Mio, Marantz, Mercedes, ...
N Nokia, Nikon, Nintendo, Nec, Netgear, Navman, Nad, ...
O Olympus, Oregon Scientific, ...
P Philips, Panasonic, Pentax, ...
Q Qtek, ...
R Ryobi, Renault, Roland, ...
S Samsung, Sony, Siemens, Sony Ericsson, Sharp, Sanyo, Sega, Seb, Singer, Stihl, ...
T Thomson, Toshiba, Tomtom, Texas Instruments, ...
U Universal Remote Control ...
V Volkswagen, Vedette, Vtech, ...
W Whirlpool, ...
X Xerox, ...
Y Yamaha, Yaesu, ...
Z Zanussi, Zyxel, ...
# 3M, 3Com, ...

Now, if only someone would post that user guide for my home's alarm system: Futura 2000 dl Alpha Plus - pleeeeeez!!!!!

Update on 12June2010:
Here's another site:

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