Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Backups of your data online for free [2GB]: MozyHome Free


Here's a site that I've found that offers free off site backup over the Internet for up to 2GB (for home use)

MozyFree: Free Online Backup: Look for "MozyHome Free".

Click here:

[If you can't find the "MozyHome free" then click
here: ]

2 GB of 100% free backup space.
No setup fee, no credit cards, no monthly payments, no expiration.

There are other plans for more data and for businesses that cost per month.

How It Works

1. Sign up for an account.

Create a MozyHome user account which will allow you to download MozyHome software. Its quick, easy and our step-by-step instructions will guide you through the process.

2. Download and install software.
MozyHome downloads in just seconds, and the installation is simple and fast.

3. Select files to be backed up.
Simply check the boxes next to the backup sets, or types of files you want to back up, and MozyHome does the rest. In addition to selecting files by backup sets, you also have the option of selecting specific files and directories.

You're Free To Choose.....

Alternatives to MozyHome
  1. Burn a new CD or DVD every Sunday night and store it at your brother-in-law's office.
  2. Pay R200/year for an online backup service that uses old, mediocre software.
  3. Buy a R900 external hard drive and hope your office doesn't burn down.
  4. Do nothing and don't worry about backup. (We suggest closing your eyes, plugging your ears and repeating "I'm in my happy place, I'm in my happy place.")
  5. Run a cron job of rsync, gzip and mcrypt piped over ssh to your friend's server over his DSL line.
Of course, we think MozyHome is the best and easiest solution to the backup problem! Get MozyHome!

Click here:

Sunday, 20 January 2008

If you're not using WebAfrica's ADSL ISP then you ARE paying too much! R70/GB [that's 7c per MB!]: NO "use-it-or-lose-it"


If you have ADSL and you're not using WebAfrica as your ISP then you ARE paying too much!

If you are about to get ADSL, then buy GB from WebAfrica otherwise you too will be paying too much!

Click here for more information:
(or copy and past the link to the address bar of your Internet browser.)

Prepaid ADSL bandwidth at R70.00 per GB - no monthly charge, no credit checks, no "use-it-or-lose-it", no expiry i.e. carry over month-to-month. That's 7c per MB!

Why will I be paying too much I hear you ask?:
*) Be careful of "bundles" (eg: TelkomInternet) that include a monthly bandwidth allocation of (for example) 2GB for R149 per month.... (so that's R74.50 per GB).... OK, but that's only R4.50 more than what you're offering... no big deal. Now, that's where you are wrong! What they don't tell you (up front that is), is that if you don't use up the 2GB, then you lose it! With this offer whatever you don't use is automatically carried over to the next month.
So, if you go on holiday, you don't need to worry about paying for your GBs and losing them!

Click here for more information:

What do you have to lose?
Nothing, try it out now... purchase your first GB for R70, then configure your ADSL modem to connect using your new WebAfrica account.
If you're happy, then terminate your "bundled" subscription.

More detailed information:
Per GB Charge: R70
Bandwidth carryover: What you don't use carries over to the next month. Pay only for what you use. Any unutilised bandwidth on your account carries over to the following month!
Buy any amount of GB's per month @ only R70 per GB
That's 7c per MB!
No setup fee
No monthly costs
No Contracts
Instant Activation
24x7x365 Access

3 payment methods: credit card, debit order, EFT
No cancellation notice period
24 Hour Telephonic
24 Hour Email Support
Live online MSN/ICQ/Aim
Auto Top-Ups
Concurrent Connections: 4
3 Dynamic IP Addresses

POP3/SMTP Email Accounts: 5 included free

Daily Traffic Stats

All prices include VAT.

Order online now!:

Here's more advice on getting ADSL:
What will I need?
1) An ADSL line: monthly cost: FastDSL: R152 pm (entry level speed: 384kbps) OR FasterDSL: R326 pm (512kbps) OR FastestDSL: R413 pm (4096kbps)

2) An ADSL modem (your analog modem (eg: 56Kb analog modem cannot be used for ADSL (the 'D' in ADSL means "digital"). I recommend signing the 2 year contract and getting the free ADSL modem from Telkom. If you are techie, and know what's going on, then you might want to choose your own.... The Telkom modem provides 4 network points and wireless connections too.

3) Someone to install the ADSL modem: ask Telkom to do it and they will charge you R490. I recommend going for the Self Install Option (or SIO) and do it yourself! It's not that difficult, and if you get stuck there's the Telkom 24 hour help line (0800 375 375)
See here for more info:
If you're in Cape Town then add a comment to this blog and I'll charge only R300

4) An ISP (Internet Service Provider)... this is an item where you have a choice..... "bundled" or any other ISP...
I recommend WebAfrica: where you won't lose any unused bandwidth (and their service is really great!)
See here for a list of others and see that the one I'm recommending is your best bet!:

Please note that I do not work for WebAfrica. But I do use their ADSL pre-paid service!

Order online now!:

Good luck

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