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Secret Skype emoticons: summarised list

Further to my list of Skype emoticons, I thought that I would do a re-posting - the quality of the emoticons' images in the previous posting was poor.

Of course Skype users can click on the Emoticon button and use the standard emoticons

or type in the following:
{paste them into your Skype chat to see the emoticons}

{note: the duplicate smileys show that there's more than 1 way to type the smiley}

angel (angel)
angry :@ :-@ :=@ x( x-( X( X-( x=( X=( (angry)
beer (beer) (bricklayers)
blush (blush) :$ :-$ :=$
bow (bow)
cake (^) (cake)
call (call)
cash (cash) (mo) ($)
clap (clap)
coffee (coffee)
cool 8-) 8=) B-) B=) (cool)
cry ;( ;-( ;=( (cry)
dance (dance) \o/ \:D/ \:d/
devil (devil)
doh (doh)
drink (d) (D) (drink)
drunk (drunk)
dull -( ( =( (dull)
eg ]:) >:) (grin)
emo (emo)
envy (envy)
finger (finger)
flower (F) (f) (flower)
fubar (fubar)
giggle (chuckle) (giggle)
handshake (handshake)
happy (happy)
headbang (headbang) (banghead)
heart (h) (H) (l) (L) (heart)
brokenheart (u) (U) (brokenheart)
heidy (heidy)
hi (wave) (hi) (bye)
hug (hug) (bear)
inlove (inlove) (love)
kiss :* :-* :=* (kiss)
laugh :D :-D :=D :d :-d :=d (laugh)
mail (e) (m) (mail)
makeup (makeup) (kate)
mmm (mm) (mmm) (mmmm)
mooning (mooning)
movie (~) (film) (movie)
muscle (flex) (muscle)
music (music)
myspace (myspace)
nerdy 8- B- 8 B 8= B= (nerd)
lipssealed :x :-x :X :-X :# :-# :=x :=X :=#
ninja (ninja)
no (n) (N) (no)
nod (nod)
party (party)
phone (mp) (ph) (phone)
pizza (pi) (pizza)
poolparty (poolparty) (hrv)
puke (puke) :& :-& :=&
punch (punch)
rain (rain) (london)
rock (rock)
rofl (rofl)
sad :( :-( :=( (sad)
shake (shake)
skype (skype) (ss)
sleepy -) I-) I=) (snooze)
smile :) :-) :=) (smile)
smirk (smirk)
smoke (smoking) (smoke) (ci)
star (*) (star)
sun (sun)
surprised :O :-O :=O :o :-o :=o (surprised)
swear (swear)
sweat (sweat) (:
speechless : :- := (speechless)
talk (talk)
think (think) :-? :? :=?
time (o) (O) (time) (clock)
tmi (tmi)
toivo (toivo)
tongueout :P :-P :=P :p :-p :=p (tongueout)
wait (wait)
wasntme (wasntme)
whew (whew)
wink ;) ;-) ;=) (wink)
wonder :^) (wonder)
worry :S :s :-s :-S :=s :=S (worry)
yawn (yawn)
yes (y) (Y) (ok) (yes)

But here are some more (secret) keyboard keystrokes that you can use in your Skype chats:
{paste them into your Skype chat to see the emoticons}
{note: the duplicate smileys show that there's more than 1 way to type the smiley}

bandit (bandit)
bug (bug)
call (call)
finger (finger)
fubar (fubar)
headbang (headbang) (banghead)
heidy (heidy)
mooning (mooning)
myspace (myspace)
poolparty (poolparty) (hrv)
rock (rock)
smoke (smoking) (smoke) (ci)
swear (swear)
tmi (tmi)
toivo (toivo)

So, how did I find all of these....
I "translated" this posting into Windows talk:
Go to the Skype.exe file ("c:\Program Files\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe") and view it with a text viewer.
Search for the text "TSmileyData", then you'll see all the Smiley texts - I cleaned those up to get to the list above :)

Here's an update on 24Mar2009:

Display flags of the world in your chats:

(flag:AF) Afghanistan
(flag:AL) Albania, People’s Socialist Republic of
(flag:DZ) Algeria, People’s Democratic Republic of
(flag:AS) American Samoa
(flag:AD) Andorra, Principality of
(flag:AO) Angola, Republic of
(flag:AI) Anguilla
(flag:AQ) Antarctica (the territory South of 60 deg S)
(flag:AG) Antigua and Barbuda
(flag:AR) Argentina, Argentine Republic
(flag:AM) Armenia
(flag:AW) Aruba
(flag:AU) Australia, Commonwealth of
(flag:AT) Austria, Republic of
(flag:AZ) Azerbaijan, Republic of
(flag:BS) Bahamas, Commonwealth of the
(flag:BH) Bahrain, Kingdom of
(flag:BD) Bangladesh, People’s Republic of
(flag:BB) Barbados
(flag:BY) Belarus
(flag:BE) Belgium, Kingdom of
(flag:BZ) Belize
(flag:BJ) Benin (was Dahomey), People’s Republic of
(flag:BM) Bermuda
(flag:BT) Bhutan, Kingdom of
(flag:BO) Bolivia, Republic of
(flag:BA) Bosnia and Herzegovina
(flag:BW) Botswana, Republic of
(flag:BR) Brazil, Federative Republic of
(flag:IO) British Indian Ocean Territory (Chagos Archipelago)
(flag:VG) British Virgin Islands
(flag:BN) Brunei Darussalam
(flag:BG) Bulgaria, People’s Republic of
(flag:BF) Burkina Faso (was Upper Volta)
(flag:BI) Burundi, Republic of
(flag:KH) Cambodia, Kingdom of (was Khmer Republic/Kampuchea, Democratic)
(flag:CM) Cameroon, United Republic of
(flag:CA) Canada
(flag:CV) Cape Verde, Republic of
(flag:KY) Cayman Islands
(flag:CF) Central African Republic
(flag:TD) Chad, Republic of
(flag:CL) Chile, Republic of
(flag:CN) China, People’s Republic of
(flag:CX) Christmas Island
(flag:CC) Cocos (Keeling) Islands
(flag:CO) Colombia, Republic of
(flag:KM) Comoros, Union of the
(flag:CD) Congo, Democratic Republic of (was Zaire)
(flag:CG) Congo, People’s Republic of
(flag:CK) Cook Islands
(flag:CR) Costa Rica, Republic of
(flag:CI) Cote D’Ivoire, Ivory Coast, Republic of the
(flag:CU) Cuba, Republic of
(flag:CY) Cyprus, Republic of
(flag:CZ) Czech Republic
(flag:DK) Denmark, Kingdom of
(flag:DJ) Djibouti, Republic of (was French Afars and Issas)
(flag:DM) Dominica, Commonwealth of
(flag:DO) Dominican Republic
(flag:EC) Ecuador, Republic of
(flag:EG) Egypt, Arab Republic of
(flag:SV) El Salvador, Republic of
(flag:GQ) Equatorial Guinea, Republic of
(flag:ER) Eritrea
(flag:EE) Estonia
(flag:ET) Ethiopia
(flag:FO) Faeroe Islands
(flag:FK) Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
(flag:FJ) Fiji, Republic of the Fiji Islands
(flag:FI) Finland, Republic of
(flag:FR) France, French Republic
(flag:GF) French Guiana
(flag:PF) French Polynesia
(flag:TF) French Southern Territories
(flag:GA) Gabon, Gabonese Republic
(flag:GM) Gambia, Republic of the
(flag:GE) Georgia
(flag:DE) Germany
(flag:GH) Ghana, Republic of
(flag:GI) Gibraltar
(flag:GR) Greece, Hellenic Republic
(flag:GL) Greenland
(flag:GD) Grenada
(flag:GP) Guadaloupe
(flag:GU) Guam
(flag:GT) Guatemala, Republic of
(flag:GN) Guinea, Revolutionary People’s Rep’c of
(flag:GW) Guinea-Bissau, Republic of (was Portuguese Guinea)
(flag:GY) Guyana, Republic of
(flag:HT) Haiti, Republic of
(flag:HM) Heard and McDonald Islands
(flag:VA) Holy See (Vatican City State)
(flag:HN) Honduras, Republic of
(flag:HK) Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region of China
(flag:HR) Hrvatska (Croatia)
(flag:HU) Hungary, Hungarian People’s Republic
(flag:IS) Iceland, Republic of
(flag:IN) India, Republic of
(flag:ID) Indonesia, Republic of
(flag:IR) Iran, Islamic Republic of
(flag:IQ) Iraq, Republic of
(flag:IE) Ireland
(flag:IL) Israel, State of
(flag:IT) Italy, Italian Republic
(flag:JM) Jamaica
(flag:JP) apan
(flag:JO) Jordan, Hashemite Kingdom of
(flag:KZ) Kazakhstan, Republic of
(flag:KE) Kenya, Republic of
(flag:KI) Kiribati, Republic of (was Gilbert Islands)
(flag:KP) Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of
(flag:KR) Korea, Republic of
(flag:KW) uwait, State of
(flag:KG) Kyrgyz Republic
(flag:LA) Lao People’s Democratic Republic
(flag:LV) Latvia
(flag:LB) Lebanon, Lebanese Republic
(flag:LS) Lesotho, Kingdom of
(flag:LR) Liberia, Republic of
(flag:LY) Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
(flag:LI) Liechtenstein, Principality of
(flag:LT) Lithuania
(flag:LU) Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of
(flag:MO) Macao, Special Administrative Region of China
(flag:MK) Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of
(flag:MG) Madagascar, Republic of
(flag:MW) Malawi, Republic of
(flag:MY) Malaysia
(flag:MV) Maldives, Republic of
(flag:ML) Mali, Republic of
(flag:MT) Malta, Republic of
(flag:MH) Marshall Islands
(flag:MQ) Martinique
(flag:MR) Mauritania, Islamic Republic of
(flag:MU) Mauritius
(flag:YT) Mayotte
(flag:MX) Mexico, United Mexican States
(flag:FM) Micronesia, Federated States of
(flag:MD) Moldova, Republic of
(flag:MC) Monaco, Principality of
(flag:MN) Mongolia, Mongolian People’s Republic
(flag:MS) Montserrat
(flag:MA) Morocco, Kingdom of
(flag:MZ) Mozambique, People’s Republic of
(flag:MM) Myanmar (was Burma)
(flag:NA) Namibia
(flag:NR) Nauru, Republic of
(flag:NP) Nepal, Kingdom of
(flag:AN) Netherlands Antilles
(flag:NL) Netherlands, Kingdom of the
(flag:NC) New Caledonia
(flag:NZ) New Zealand
(flag:NI) Nicaragua, Republic of
(flag:NE) Niger, Republic of the
(flag:NG) Nigeria, Federal Republic of
(flag:NU) Niue, Republic of
(flag:NF) Norfolk Island
(flag:MP) Northern Mariana Islands
(flag:NO) Norway, Kingdom of
(flag:OM) Oman, Sultanate of (was Muscat and Oman)
(flag:PK) Pakistan, Islamic Republic of
(flag:PW) Palau
(flag:PS) Palestinian Territory, Occupied
(flag:PA) Panama, Republic of
(flag:PG) Papua New Guinea
(flag:PY) Paraguay, Republic of
(flag:PE) Peru, Republic of
(flag:PH) Philippines, Republic of the
(flag:PN) Pitcairn Island
(flag:PL) Poland, Polish People’s Republic
(flag:PT) Portugal, Portuguese Republic
(flag:PR) Puerto Rico
(flag:QA) Qatar, State of
(flag:RE) Reunion
(flag:RO) Romania, Socialist Republic of
(flag:RU) Russian Federation
(flag:RW) Rwanda, Rwandese Republic
(flag:SH) St. Helena
(flag:KN) St. Kitts and Nevis
(flag:LC) St. Lucia
(flag:PM) St. Pierre and Miquelon
(flag:VC) St. Vincent and the Grenadines
(flag:WS) Samoa, Independent State of (was Western Samoa)
(flag:SM) San Marino, Republic of
(flag:ST) Sao Tome and Principe, Democratic Republic of
(flag:SA) Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of
(flag:SN) Senegal, Republic of
(flag:CS) Serbia and Montenegro
(flag:SC) Seychelles, Republic of
(flag:SL) Sierra Leone, Republic of
(flag:SG) Singapore, Republic of
(flag:SK) Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
(flag:SI) Slovenia
(flag:SB) Solomon Islands (was British Solomon Islands)
(flag:SO) Somalia, Somali Republic
(flag:ZA) South Africa, Republic of
(flag:GS) South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
(flag:ES) Spain, Spanish State
(flag:LK) Sri Lanka, Democratic Socialist Republic of (was Ceylon)
(flag:SD) Sudan, Democratic Republic of the
(flag:SR) Suriname, Republic of
(flag:SZ) Swaziland, Kingdom of
(flag:SE) Sweden, Kingdom of
(flag:CH) Switzerland, Swiss Confederation
(flag:SY) Syrian Arab Republic
(flag:TW) Taiwan, Province of China
(flag:TJ) Tajikistan
(flag:TZ) Tanzania, United Republic of
(flag:TH) Thailand, Kingdom of
(flag:TL) Timor-Leste, Democratic Republic of
(flag:TG) Togo, Togolese Republic
(flag:TK) Tokelau (Tokelau Islands)
(flag:TO) Tonga, Kingdom of
(flag:TT) Trinidad and Tobago, Republic of
(flag:TN) Tunisia, Republic of
(flag:TR) Turkey, Republic of
(flag:TM) Turkmenistan
(flag:TC) Turks and Caicos Islands
(flag:TV) Tuvalu (was part of Gilbert & Ellice Islands)
(flag:VI) US Virgin Islands
(flag:UG) Uganda, Republic of
(flag:UA) Ukraine
(flag:AE) United Arab Emirates (was Trucial States)
(flag:GB) United Kingdom of Great Britain & N. Ireland
(flag:UM) United States Minor Outlying Islands
(flag:US) United States of America
(flag:UY) Uruguay, Eastern Republic of
(flag:UZ) Uzbekistan
(flag:VU) Vanuatu (was New Hebrides)
(flag:VE) Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of
(flag:VN) Viet Nam, Socialist Republic of (was Democratic Republic of & Republic of)
(flag:WF) Wallis and Futuna Islands
(flag:EH) Western Sahara (was Spanish Sahara)
(flag:YE) Yemen
(flag:ZM) Zambia, Republic of
(flag:ZW) Zimbabwe (was Southern Rhodesia)

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  1. :) i love skype

    Edmond Major III

    sup SE haters!

  2. omg they are so cool , but i wish there were more, cazz they are getting boring , SOME ONE HELP , ASK THEM TO MAKE MORRE AND SOON !!
    my friends are well impressed !!
    thanxx loads !!

    megmoo x

  3. (music)
    Try it. : D

  4. Love it all my friends were like whoa how do u get that coz it's not on my screen

  5. this. is. awesome.

  6. more smiley i want more!!!

  7. Press and hold C, A, and T. The order it appears in the text entry box doesn't matter, but hold it until you see a cat scratching. The cat will remain until you delete the text.

  8. hold on to the keys q s and d sometimes a hand holding a pencil will come up it only works for me for a split second.

  9. I love Skype!
    I hope more emoticons will now be available.

  10. OMG!!!! These emoticons are SO AWESOME!
    All of my friends are like: Whoa where did you find them?? I <3 U GUYS


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