Tuesday, 1 May 2012

More hidden Skype emoticons in Skype 5.5 (and 5.8 and 6.0) release: summarised list (updated)

Following the release of Skype version 5.5 in July 2011, I thought that I should update my blog article on “Secret Skype emoticons”.  I have found some other interesting blog articles listing the new emoticons or smileys and collated the info and added more info too – so anyone that’s looking for the Easter Eggs, then continue reading…:

New Skype emoticons available only in Skype 5.5:
(download Skype offline installer here [22MB]: http://download.skype.com/SkypeSetup.msi)
(Thanks to http://www.emoticonsskype.com for listing them)
Face palm  (Facepalm)  (fail)  Face palm
Working From Home  (wfh)  Working From Home
Fingers Crossed  (fingers)   (fingerscrossed)   (yn) Fingers Crossed
Tumbleweed (tumbleweed) Tumbleweed
Lalala (lalala) (lala) (notlistening) Lalala
Waiting (waiting)   (forever)   (impatience) Waiting
Hi-five (highfive)   (hifive)   (h5) Hi-five

There are also 2 more hidden ones (Easter eggs).

Of course Skype users can click on the Emoticon button and use the standard emoticons
Skype 5.5:  image  Compared to the older version:
or type in the following: {paste them into your Skype chat to see the emoticons}

{note: the duplicate smileys show that there's more than 1 way to type the smiley}

(emoticons with text in red are the secret ones)
Angel angel (angel)
Angry angry :@ :-@ :=@ x( x-( X( X-( x=( X=( (angry)
Bear bear hug
(bear) (hug)
Beer beer (beer) (bricklayers)
Big Smile :D  :=D :-D  :d  :=d  :-d
Blush blush (blush) :$ :-$ :=$
Broken heart brokenheart (u) (U) (brokenheart)
smiley in mask Masked bandit (bandit)
Bow bow (bow)
bug bug (bug)
Mooning bum (mooning)
Hi bye (hi)
byebye (bye)
Cake cake (^) (cake)
Call call (call)
Phone callme (mp) (ph) (phone)
Pizza pizza (pi) (pizza)
Cash cash (cash) (mo) ($)
clap clap (clap)

Time clock (time) (o) (O)
Coffee coffee (coffee)
Cool cool 8-) 8=) B-) B=) (cool)
Crying cry ;( ;-( ;=( (cry)
Dance dance (dance) \o/ \:D/ \:d/
Devil devil (devil)
Doh doh (doh)
Drink drink (d) (D) (drink)
drunk smiley drunk (drunk) Dull dull -( ( =( (dull)
Mail email
emo emo (emo)
Envy envy (envy)
Evil grin evil grin (grin)
middle finger, how rude! finger (finger)
Flower flower (F) (f) (flower)
FUBAR smiley fubar (fubar) Covered Laugh giggle (chuckle) (giggle)
handshake handshake (handshake)
Smile happy (happy)
angry headbang (headbang) (banghead) Heart heart (h) (H) (l) (L) (heart)

Broken heart brokenheart (u) (U) (brokenheart)
squirrel Heidy squirrel (heidy)
Happy happy (happy)
Hi hi (wave) (hi) (bye)
Bear hug (hug) (bear)
In love inlove (inlove) (love)
Kiss kiss :* :-* :=* (kiss)
laugh :D :-D :=D :d :-d :=d (laugh)
Lips Sealed lips sealed
:x  :-x :X  :-X  :#  :-#  :=x  :=X  :=#
Pizza lunch (pi) (pizza)
Mail mail (e) (m) (mail)
Make-up makeup (makeup) (kate)
Mmm mmm (mm) (mmm) (mmmm)
Cash money (cash) (mo) ($)
Mooning mooning (mooning) Movie movie (~) (film) (movie)
Muscle muscle (flex) (muscle)
Music music (music)
MySpace emoticon myspace (myspace)
Nerd nerdy 8- B- 8 B 8= B= (nerd)
Ninja ninja (ninja)
No no (n) (N) (no)
nod nod (nod)
Party party (party)
Yes OK (y) (ok)
Phone phone (mp) (ph) (phone)
Pizza pizza (pi) (pizza)
Poolparty poolparty (poolparty) (hrv) {in version 5.5 the duck drops}
Puke puke (puke) :& :-& :=&
punch punch (punch)
Rain rain (rain) (london)
Rock on! rock (rock)
rofl Rolling on the floor laughing (rofl)
Sad Smile sad :( :-( :=( (sad)
shake shake (shake)
Skype skype (skype) (ss)
Sleepy sleepy -) I-) I=) (snooze)
Smile smile :) :-) :=) (smile)
Smirking smirk (smirk)
Cigarette smoke (smoking) (smoke) (ci)
squirrel squirrel (heidy)
Star star (*) (star)
Sun sun (sun)
image surprised :O :-O :=O :o :-o :=o (surprised)
swearing swear (swear)
Sweating sweat (sweat) (:
Speechless speechless : :- := (speechless)
Talking talk (talk)
Thinking think (think) :-? :? :=?
Time time (o) (O) (time) (clock)
tmi! Too much information (tmi) Toivo from Skype A guy and his dog toivo (toivo) Tongue Out tongueout :P :-P :=P :p :-p :=p (tongueout)
Wait wait (wait)
it wsnt' me wasntme (wasntme)
clap well done (clap)
what the fuck WTF (wtf)
whew whew (whew)
Wink wink ;) ;-) ;=) (wink)
Wondering wondering :^) (wonder)
Worried worry :S :s :-s :-S :=s :=S (worry)
Yawn yawn (yawn)
Yes yes (y) (Y) (ok) (yes)

Here are the more hidden (secret) keyboard keystrokes in one place:
{paste them into your Skype chat to see the emoticons}

 image     image   image
bandit (bandit)
bug (bug)
call (call)
finger (finger)
fubar (fubar)
headbang (headbang) (banghead)
heidy (heidy)
mooning (mooning)
myspace (myspace)
poolparty (poolparty) (hrv)
rock (rock)
smoke (smoking) (smoke) (ci)
swear (swear)
tmi (tmi)
toivo (toivo)
what the fuck WTF (wtf) 
Face palm (fail)
Working From Home (wfh)
Fingers Crossed (fingers)   (fingerscrossed) (yn)
Tumbleweed (tumbleweed)
Lalala (lalala) (lala) (notlistening)
Waiting  (waiting)   (forever)   (impatience)
Hi-five (highfive)   (hifive)   (h5)
Bye (bye)

Updated on 5Sept2011:
For you avid readers that got this far, here’s another hidden Easter Egg: The disappearing cat: In an active chat session: hold down (ie: press and don’t release any keys) the keys c then a then t – in other words, type cattttttttttttttttttt then release all keys.
A gray cat appears holding out its paw and eventually disappears.
For more details go here: http://bluescreensolutions.blogspot.com/2011/02/skypes-disappearing-cat-and-other.html


Display flags of the world in your chats:

(flag:AF) Afghanistan
(flag:AL) Albania, People’s Socialist Republic of
(flag:DZ) Algeria, People’s Democratic Republic of
(flag:AS) American Samoa
(flag:AD) Andorra, Principality of
(flag:AO) Angola, Republic of
(flag:AI) Anguilla
(flag:AQ) Antarctica (the territory South of 60 deg S)
(flag:AG) Antigua and Barbuda
(flag:AR) Argentina, Argentine Republic
(flag:AM) Armenia
(flag:AW) Aruba
(flag:AU) Australia, Commonwealth of
(flag:AT) Austria, Republic of
(flag:AZ) Azerbaijan, Republic of
(flag:BS) Bahamas, Commonwealth of the
(flag:BH) Bahrain, Kingdom of
(flag:BD) Bangladesh, People’s Republic of
(flag:BB) Barbados
(flag:BY) Belarus
(flag:BE) Belgium, Kingdom of
(flag:BZ) Belize
(flag:BJ) Benin (was Dahomey), People’s Republic of
(flag:BM) Bermuda
(flag:BT) Bhutan, Kingdom of
(flag:BO) Bolivia, Republic of
(flag:BA) Bosnia and Herzegovina
(flag:BW) Botswana, Republic of
(flag:BR) Brazil, Federative Republic of
(flag:IO) British Indian Ocean Territory (Chagos Archipelago)
(flag:VG) British Virgin Islands
(flag:BN) Brunei Darussalam
(flag:BG) Bulgaria, People’s Republic of
(flag:BF) Burkina Faso (was Upper Volta)
(flag:BI) Burundi, Republic of
(flag:KH) Cambodia, Kingdom of (was Khmer Republic/Kampuchea, Democratic)
(flag:CM) Cameroon, United Republic of
(flag:CA) Canada
(flag:CV) Cape Verde, Republic of
(flag:KY) Cayman Islands
(flag:CF) Central African Republic
(flag:TD) Chad, Republic of
(flag:CL) Chile, Republic of
(flag:CN) China, People’s Republic of
(flag:CX) Christmas Island
(flag:CC) Cocos (Keeling) Islands
(flag:CO) Colombia, Republic of
(flag:KM) Comoros, Union of the
(flag:CD) Congo, Democratic Republic of (was Zaire)
(flag:CG) Congo, People’s Republic of
(flag:CK) Cook Islands
(flag:CR) Costa Rica, Republic of
(flag:CI) Cote D’Ivoire, Ivory Coast, Republic of the
(flag:CU) Cuba, Republic of
(flag:CY) Cyprus, Republic of
(flag:CZ) Czech Republic
(flag:DK) Denmark, Kingdom of
(flag:DJ) Djibouti, Republic of (was French Afars and Issas)
(flag:DM) Dominica, Commonwealth of
(flag:DO) Dominican Republic
(flag:EC) Ecuador, Republic of
(flag:EG) Egypt, Arab Republic of
(flag:SV) El Salvador, Republic of
(flag:GQ) Equatorial Guinea, Republic of
(flag:ER) Eritrea
(flag:EE) Estonia
(flag:ET) Ethiopia
(flag:FO) Faeroe Islands
(flag:FK) Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
(flag:FJ) Fiji, Republic of the Fiji Islands
(flag:FI) Finland, Republic of
(flag:FR) France, French Republic
(flag:GF) French Guiana
(flag:PF) French Polynesia
(flag:TF) French Southern Territories
(flag:GA) Gabon, Gabonese Republic
(flag:GM) Gambia, Republic of the
(flag:GE) Georgia
(flag:DE) Germany
(flag:GH) Ghana, Republic of
(flag:GI) Gibraltar
(flag:GR) Greece, Hellenic Republic
(flag:GL) Greenland
(flag:GD) Grenada
(flag:GP) Guadaloupe
(flag:GU) Guam
(flag:GT) Guatemala, Republic of
(flag:GN) Guinea, Revolutionary People’s Rep’c of
(flag:GW) Guinea-Bissau, Republic of (was Portuguese Guinea)
(flag:GY) Guyana, Republic of
(flag:HT) Haiti, Republic of
(flag:HM) Heard and McDonald Islands
(flag:VA) Holy See (Vatican City State)
(flag:HN) Honduras, Republic of
(flag:HK) Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region of China
(flag:HR) Hrvatska (Croatia)
(flag:HU) Hungary, Hungarian People’s Republic
(flag:IS) Iceland, Republic of
(flag:IN) India, Republic of
(flag:ID) Indonesia, Republic of
(flag:IR) Iran, Islamic Republic of
(flag:IQ) Iraq, Republic of
(flag:IE) Ireland
(flag:IL) Israel, State of
(flag:IT) Italy, Italian Republic
(flag:JM) Jamaica
(flag:JP) Japan
(flag:JO) Jordan, Hashemite Kingdom of
(flag:KZ) Kazakhstan, Republic of
(flag:KE) Kenya, Republic of
(flag:KI) Kiribati, Republic of (was Gilbert Islands)
(flag:KP) Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of
(flag:KR) Korea, Republic of
(flag:KW) uwait, State of
(flag:KG) Kyrgyz Republic
(flag:LA) Lao People’s Democratic Republic
(flag:LV) Latvia
(flag:LB) Lebanon, Lebanese Republic
(flag:LS) Lesotho, Kingdom of
(flag:LR) Liberia, Republic of
(flag:LY) Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
(flag:LI) Liechtenstein, Principality of
(flag:LT) Lithuania
(flag:LU) Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of
(flag:MO) Macao, Special Administrative Region of China
(flag:MK) Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of
(flag:MG) Madagascar, Republic of
(flag:MW) Malawi, Republic of
(flag:MY) Malaysia
(flag:MV) Maldives, Republic of
(flag:ML) Mali, Republic of
(flag:MT) Malta, Republic of
(flag:MH) Marshall Islands
(flag:MQ) Martinique
(flag:MR) Mauritania, Islamic Republic of
(flag:MU) Mauritius
(flag:YT) Mayotte
(flag:MX) Mexico, United Mexican States
(flag:FM) Micronesia, Federated States of
(flag:MD) Moldova, Republic of
(flag:MC) Monaco, Principality of
(flag:MN) Mongolia, Mongolian People’s Republic
(flag:MS) Montserrat
(flag:MA) Morocco, Kingdom of
(flag:MZ) Mozambique, People’s Republic of
(flag:MM) Myanmar (was Burma)
(flag:NA) Namibia
(flag:NR) Nauru, Republic of
(flag:NP) Nepal, Kingdom of
(flag:AN) Netherlands Antilles
(flag:NL) Netherlands, Kingdom of the
(flag:NC) New Caledonia
(flag:NZ) New Zealand
(flag:NI) Nicaragua, Republic of
(flag:NE) Niger, Republic of the
(flag:NG) Nigeria, Federal Republic of
(flag:NU) Niue, Republic of
(flag:NF) Norfolk Island
(flag:MP) Northern Mariana Islands
(flag:NO) Norway, Kingdom of
(flag:OM) Oman, Sultanate of (was Muscat and Oman)
(flag:PK) Pakistan, Islamic Republic of
(flag:PW) Palau
(flag:PS) Palestinian Territory, Occupied
(flag:PA) Panama, Republic of
(flag:PG) Papua New Guinea
(flag:PY) Paraguay, Republic of
(flag:PE) Peru, Republic of
(flag:PH) Philippines, Republic of the
(flag:PN) Pitcairn Island
(flag:PL) Poland, Polish People’s Republic
(flag:PT) Portugal, Portuguese Republic
(flag:PR) Puerto Rico
(flag:QA) Qatar, State of
(flag:RE) Reunion
(flag:RO) Romania, Socialist Republic of
(flag:RU) Russian Federation
(flag:RW) Rwanda, Rwandese Republic
(flag:SH) St. Helena
(flag:KN) St. Kitts and Nevis
(flag:LC) St. Lucia
(flag:PM) St. Pierre and Miquelon
(flag:VC) St. Vincent and the Grenadines
(flag:WS) Samoa, Independent State of (was Western Samoa)
(flag:SM) San Marino, Republic of
(flag:ST) Sao Tome and Principe, Democratic Republic of
(flag:SA) Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of
(flag:SN) Senegal, Republic of
(flag:CS) Serbia and Montenegro
(flag:SC) Seychelles, Republic of
(flag:SL) Sierra Leone, Republic of
(flag:SG) Singapore, Republic of
(flag:SK) Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
(flag:SI) Slovenia
(flag:SB) Solomon Islands (was British Solomon Islands)
(flag:SO) Somalia, Somali Republic
(flag:ZA) South Africa, Republic of
(flag:GS) South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
(flag:ES) Spain, Spanish State
(flag:LK) Sri Lanka, Democratic Socialist Republic of (was Ceylon)
(flag:SD) Sudan, Democratic Republic of the
(flag:SR) Suriname, Republic of
(flag:SZ) Swaziland, Kingdom of
(flag:SE) Sweden, Kingdom of
(flag:CH) Switzerland, Swiss Confederation
(flag:SY) Syrian Arab Republic
(flag:TW) Taiwan, Province of China
(flag:TJ) Tajikistan
(flag:TZ) Tanzania, United Republic of
(flag:TH) Thailand, Kingdom of
(flag:TL) Timor-Leste, Democratic Republic of
(flag:TG) Togo, Togolese Republic
(flag:TK) Tokelau (Tokelau Islands)
(flag:TO) Tonga, Kingdom of
(flag:TT) Trinidad and Tobago, Republic of
(flag:TN) Tunisia, Republic of
(flag:TR) Turkey, Republic of
(flag:TM) Turkmenistan
(flag:TC) Turks and Caicos Islands
(flag:TV) Tuvalu (was part of Gilbert & Ellice Islands)
(flag:VI) US Virgin Islands
(flag:UG) Uganda, Republic of
(flag:UA) Ukraine
(flag:AE) United Arab Emirates (was Trucial States)
(flag:GB) United Kingdom of Great Britain & N. Ireland
(flag:UM) United States Minor Outlying Islands
(flag:US) United States of America
(flag:UY) Uruguay, Eastern Republic of
(flag:UZ) Uzbekistan
(flag:VU) Vanuatu (was New Hebrides)
(flag:VE) Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of
(flag:VN) Viet Nam, Socialist Republic of (was Democratic Republic of & Republic of)
(flag:WF) Wallis and Futuna Islands
(flag:EH) Western Sahara (was Spanish Sahara)
(flag:YE) Yemen
(flag:ZM) Zambia, Republic of
(flag:ZW) Zimbabwe (was Southern Rhodesia)
From here:  http://www.emoticonsskype.com/flags.html
See here for more posts on Skype: http://handytechtips.blogspot.com/search?q=skype Beware when editing Skype messages to Linux users… Skype chat: taking control of the group chat session

Update on Tue 1 May 2012:
Thanks to comment from lLOlBO on 30th Apr 30 2012:
I discovered (oliver) I’m the first one to find it so far i guess :D

Thanks for that - (oliver) is indeed a new Skype emoticon/smiley! ;)

I checked in Skype's memory and confirmed there are no more hiding in version 5.8 except for these already mentioned in the comments below:


priidu (zilmer)

What do you mean "I checked in Skype's memory"?  Well, thanks to this blog article Viewing strings in executables I found this info from
@DidierStevens on viewing strings in exe files that are encrypted or packed:

 A simple trick to view the strings [in code] is done with Process Explorer by SysInternals.  When the program is running, start Process Explorer and display the properties of the running program.  The "Strings" tab will show you the strings in the file (Image) and in memory (Memory).  Since the program as unpacked/decoded itself when it started, you’ll be able to view the strings in memory.
So, I ran

and then right clicked on "Skype" then Properties->Strings->Memory then search for an emoticon's text eg: oliver.  There you can see all the other hidden emoticons ;)

Updated on 26 Oct 2012:
I have searched through the Skype 6.0 code and there seem to be no extra emoticons :(



  2. you guys (skype people) should make more.these are okay but seriously.you guys need more.mkk thanks bye.(:

    1. make doctor who ones!!!!!! i've been dying for them to make those!

  3. here is one more ;) (hollest) it works on skype 5.5

  4. Here is one more ;) ---> (hollest)

    It works on skype 5.5

  5. Thanks Dr. Weed

    (hollest) is an awesome new emoticon!

    How did you find it?


    HTT ;)

  6. I want cat emoticon

    1. hold down cat for a while then you will get your stupid cat

    2. there is do (cat) it works or do (sheep) and it actually shows a sheep do (dog) and it shows a dog cool right?

  7. skkkkkkkkkkklllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
    is the cat emotion hold it down at the same time

  8. hold the keys V,B,G a men who crash a pencil ,sorry for my bad english

    1. that doesn't work i tried it

    2. That worked for me! But only once - I couldn't get it to happen again.

    3. Hold 4 any keys to get crashing pencil.
      Hold 3 any keys to get invisible cat.

  9. I found that it doesn't matter to tip C A T, it works whit every combination (as rkl, spr, etc...)

  10. i cant get the hands grabbing the pencil

  11. The hands grabbing the pencil emoticon is not visible on your PC - it's visible on the other person's PC when you do the following:
    Type a long message eg: "Hello my name is HandyTechTipper"
    then hold down the backspace key until the whole string is deleted.
    Your friend will then see the hands grabbing the pencil and snapping it.

    Hope that helps?


    HTT ;)

  12. the my space one doesn't work tell me how to do that one.

  13. i cant get (hollest) CATTTTTT or the pencil one

  14. the cat was a fail i tried it thousaends of times and nothing happened

    1. No cat is legit. You can try any combination of 3 letter on your keyboard. Just hold them down

  15. (Easter eggs) doesn't work

  16. LOL some work but easter eggs are rubbsih!

  17. To get the Cat to work, you have to have the Show when I am typing setting checked under Tools>Options>IM & SMS>IM settings

    1. I've saved this setting but the cat still doesn't want to show herself... :/
      Skype 5.8

    2. Hold down c first then keep holding c and start holding a then keep holding a and hold t. Make sure you only have one of each letter besides t.

  18. I discovered (oliver) im the first one to find it so far i guess :D

    1. Hi lLOlBO

      Thanks for that - (oliver) is indeed a new Skype emoticon/smiley! ;)

      How did you find it?

      Regards HTT ;)

  19. Wow - didn't know those were there - thanks!

  20. is there a pirate?

    1. Hi Anonymous... no, I don't see a pirate - sorry

  21. A friend sent me a smiley talking but i don't see it in your list?? any suggestions

    1. Hi Anonymous

      Aren't you looking for the talk (talk) emoticon?

      Let me know

      HTT ;)

  22. hi.....,
    The new Skype Emoticons are not working......?

  23. We need a Chocolate emoticon badly.

  24. Nice - does anybody know where I can download the "new bear" from Skype 5.5+? I'd like to have it for a friend because I think it's really cute...
    The "old bear" is some brown pixels that I might've been able to do myself, but the new one is just amazing... unfortunately, I can find the old one everywhere and the new one nowhere :-(
    (I'm looking for an animated version of course)

  25. Replies
    1. Thanks Anonymous - (soccer) is a new one for me!
      These also work: (bartlett) (football) (so)

      Regards HTT ;)

  26. Is there a policeman or sheriff?

  27. Go to this link: http://en.chat4o.com/skype-emoticons/
    New ones: (soccer) (oliver)
    Regards HTT :)

  28. :) :( :D 8-) :O ;) ;( (:|
    :| :* :P :$ :^) |-) |-( (inlove)
    ]:) (yn) (yawn) (puke) (doh) (angry) (wasntme) (party)
    (worry) (mm) (nerd) :x (wave) (facepalm) (devil) (angel)
    (envy) (wait) (hug) (makeup) (chuckle) (clap) (think) (bow)
    (rofl) (whew) (happy) (smirk) (nod) (shake) (waiting) (emo)
    (y) (n) (handshake) (highfive) (h) (lalala) (heidy) (F)
    (rain) (sun) (tumbleweed) (music) (bandit) (tmi) (coffee) (pi)
    (cash) (flex) (^) (beer) (d) \o/ (ninja) (*)

    amaze your friends, ive spent ages collecting them all :P try it TODAY!!


  29. Great list, thank you for sharing this.

  30. i made up some cool ones myself. dont put spaces
    5. (talk)(music)
    plz use them

  31. hi, i want to ask what version is this: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_JBOFF7Hli-w/SgNjUGpYO3I/AAAAAAAAA9E/NIY8hWtnjo8/s1600-h/SkypeStdEmoticons.jpg
    because i hate those new: http://lh5.ggpht.com/-Nqd0jRLpEbo/TlohJmZYtaI/AAAAAAAABzc/CnhSKwqaQAI/s1600-h/image%25255B3%25255D.png

    is it, or which one? thank you!

  32. there should be like logo secret emotions like abercrombie logo secret emotion like (ab) or something

  33. (drunk) There is one more.

  34. try this in facebook :poop: and <(") its a poop and a penguin

  35. I like these, but there must be way more!!!

  36. Is there a ghost? As in SPOOKY?

  37. I WANT MORE!!! Please Please

  38. I'd swear there used to be a dog, a cat, and a chocolate bar... maybe in older skype versions only.

  39. You don't type cattttt you press any keys and hold them at different spacing apart from one another as if a cat was standing on your keyboard

  40. Do you know how to do the smile poo poo? hehe :)

  41. What is the (oliver) emoticon saying... Driving me crazy. Not sure why he is called Oliver either.

  42. Can i have a (victory) emoticon ?

  43. Just discovered a dancing music note that is different from the one posted above: (8)

  44. can someone please make a poop icon

  45. I think (Oliver) is saying "Helloooooooo"

  46. Here is the list of the new hidden emoticons:


    hope you enjoy it guys:))

    1. Hi Camille, thanks so much for sharing!
      This is awesome additional information for Skype version 6.14 :)

  47. i want a cookie emoticon. It is a better idea than the Pizza Emoticon!

  48. My friend and I need Skype to come up with a diamond ring one.... ASAP lmao. Anyone know when or if they will come out with it??? xxxx

  49. good nice listing. Thanks email list


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