Saturday, 24 January 2009

Google Picasa3 screen capture bug? Is Picasa3 continuously capturing screen shots and filling your hard drive?

I (was) recently (auto) upgraded from Picasa2.7 to Picasa3 and found that my HDD filled up with screen shots!
There's a constant bubble popping up on the rightside of the screen that says "Screenshot saved. Click to view".
When exiting Picasa3, the problem goes away...
Posts have suggested a faulty PrintScreen button.... and some have taken off the Prt Sc button and cleaned it successfully.... didn't work for me though :(
Other people have found that disabling the Picasa Photo Viewer does the trick: In Picasa at the top of the page, select tools, then configure photo viewer, and then select "Don't Use Picasa Photo Viewer"... didn't work for me though :(
Other people have found that (in Picasa) clicking on the folder and 'Remove it from Picasa" worked... didn't work for me though :(
I was about to give up and revert back to Picasa2 when I found a posting by 'Boucher.Joe' saying:
"I was able to disable the key using KeyTweak ( and the problem was solved."

Worked for me too :) :)
.... now, when I want to print screen, I use SnagIt.

Thanks to Travis Krumsick for KeyTweak!.

More details:
I downloaded the file from here:
Run the KeyTweak program, then to disable the printscreen key, using KeyTweak's virtual Keyboard: click on the button corresponding to where your "
Prt Sc" button is: eg: 124,
then click on "Disable key",
then press the "Apply".
The remapping will then get written into the Windows Registry, and
you will then need to restart your computer for the changes to take effect.
See here for the original page that helped me sort out the problem:

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