Thursday, 29 October 2009

SARS eFiling Adobe Reader error when saving or filing – solved!

It’s SARS eFiling time again, and if you are trying to submit your income tax return to The Receiver of Revenue and are getting an error, then here’s what to do to get around it.
The AcroRd32.exe error is:
”The instruction at “0x20bc12af” referenced memory at “0x00000000”. The memory could not be “read”.”
Here’s what I did to fix it:
For Windows users:
Download and install Adobe reader 9.2 [26MB]
Edit->Preferences->Internet->and tick the "Display PDF in browser" checkbox.
{If the box is not checked then the PDF opens in a separate window, and I assume it then loses all the session information needed to file your return successfully.}

Then shut down Acrobat and open the tax form again from the eFiling page.
Make sure that the tax form opens inside your browser (not in the Adobe pdf reader), and fill in the fields and when you’re ready, press the “Save online” or “File” button.
Note: it’s a good idea to “Save online” then use the “Calculate taxes” button to get an idea of how much The Receiver will pay you back (refund), or how much more you might need to pay Him (and help South Africa prosper).

Remember, you have until Friday 20th November to submit your return to SARS – do it now…


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