Monday, 4 January 2010

Well done Cape Union Mart: your 5 way guarantee is fantastic… I’m a customer for life!

I just happened to look at the back of my till slip after purchasing stuff at the Cape Union Mart sale and I was very pleasantly surprised at the very accommodating “terms of sale” printed on the back of the till slip – especially the “Specials and Promotions” clause:
Cape Union Mart employs a "5 Way Guarantee" that we have tailor-made for our customers:

1. Price Matching
Cape Union Mart will "price match" any identical article currently advertised and currently available from other retailers. The store manager will simply undertake a telephonic verification and thereafter match the price.

2. Returns and Exchanges
Any product may be returned for credit, exchange or refund within 12 months from date of purchase provided that the merchandise is unused and is returned in its original box/wrapping together with a valid cash sales docket.

3. Specials and Promotions
Should any item purchased go on special or promotion within one month of the date of purchase, the customer, on producing a cash sales docket, shall be entitled to a refund of the difference between the original price and the special/promotion.

4. Guarantee
Irrespective of guarantees offered by any manufacturer, Cape Union Mart will guarantee all items sold by us to give reasonable wear and tear. Repairs, returns and credits will be sanctioned by the store manager in consultation with the customer. In the case of any guarantee claims, proof of purchase must be produced.

5. Purchases by foreigners
We welcome foreign visitors and will accept all major credit cards for any purchases. Purchases may be settled in foreign currency and credit cards - free of commission - at the ruling currency rate of a major commercial bank. Documentation to enable refunds for VAT will be provided, free of charge, on request.

On the web site, there’s an additional paragraph (understandably):

Please note: Cape Union Mart does not, unfortunately, price match online stores (e-tailers).  Please contact should you require more information.  

So, if you’ve just purchased something that wasn’t on sale last week, then go back and ask for a refund!  :)

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