Tuesday, 2 July 2013

How to setup MyPhoneExplorer on Samsung Galaxy S4 – SOLVED!

Trying to connect your Samsung Galaxy S4 to your computer’s USB port so that you can use your computer’s keyboard can be an irritating experience.  (See here for my original article on how to Control your Android phone from your PC)

The error that I kept on getting was “Connection to phone could not be established: No device connected to USB”.  I had been successful previously connecting an older phone to MyPhoneExplorer (MPE), but it seemed that the new S4’s Jelly Bean 4.2.2 operating system wasn’t too kind when it came to connecting.

I Googled a bit (no, really a lot this time), and found some interesting articles which eventually got the problem solved

There are a few checks that I needed to do – as listed here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2144709  The main check points are the following: 
1) Install the latest version (1.8.4) of MPE from here: http://www.downloadbestsoft.com/MyPhoneExplorer.html
2) Check what version of adb (=Android Debug Bridge) you have installed by opening a command window and typing the following:  cd C:\Program Files (x86)\MyPhoneExplorer\DLL\adb.exe   and then  adb.exe   version     If the version displayed is 1.0.31 or later then you should be fine.
SolvedStamp image

2b) If an earlier version is present on your PC then download this file, unzip the files and copy them over the files in this folder:   c:\Program Files (x86)\MyPhoneExplorer\DLL

3) Now you need to put your phone into Developer mode, then also turn on “USB debugging” mode.  This is a pretty well hidden “feature” in the Android OS:
3a) Using the Settings menu, then "More" tab, and then Software information.
Then look for "About device" at the bottom. Tap it.
Then tap the build number seven times.  You'll get a little prompt saying you're about to unlock the developer settings. Hit that button one final time -- seven! -- and they're unlocked.
{Thanks to this article for helping me find it: http://www.androidcentral.com/how-get-developer-settings-galaxy-s4 }
That tapping also UnHid another menu option “Developer options

3b) Now to turn on the USB debugging option: in Settings->More->”Developer options” tick “USB debugging”

4) Now plug in the USB cable and startup MPE. 
then File->Settings and “connect via USB”
then File->Connect to connect via USB… hopefully, the connection is successful and you can use your PC to control your Samsung S4 Android phone.

Let me know if it works for you!

If it doesn’t then here’s a more complex, but more complete set of checks for you: http://www.androidsim.net/2009/08/how-to-1-how-to-install-usb-driver-on.html


  1. it works !!!
    well done guy.
    I can delete the installation of KIES one more time ...
    Have a good day and thank you one more time
    Hello from France

    1. it works, but dont forget to RESTART/REBOOT the S4 phone after finsihing step 3b). it didnt work for me following directly the procedure, MPE did not still detect it. But after reboot it was ok.

      Also for PC that have no SAMSUNG usb drivers, it will not also work.
      You have to download and install Samsung Kies from samsung website.
      Install Kies (it will install both Kies and the Samsung USB drivers).
      After installation, go to ControlPanel and Unisntall Kies (do not uninstall the Samsung Usb drivers). This is assuming you do not need Kies. So now your PC has the usb drivers and can connect your samsung phone.

    2. Thanks Anonymous for these additional steps ;)

  2. really helpful buddy, thanks a lot!
    that 7x tapping is really a finger dance ;)

  3. Fantastic! It works! Not at first though...my adb.exe version and associated DLLs had to be updated but I failed to reboot! After the reboot, connection was established! Phew. Thanks for this!

    1. Anonymous x2, thanks for your comments - glad you got it to work... and glad to help.

    2. Good day, I recently downloaded MyPhoneExplorer 1.85 for my Samsung S4 Mini, fantastic program, but how I receive and send messages from WhatsApp contacts from my PC, Thank you, Jan

    3. Same question for me.

  4. Wow ... 7 taps and new adb...., so easy when someone knows how to do it .. Thank you so mach, excelent.

  5. Thank you very very much. Saved me a lot of time! Thanks.

  6. Doesn't work on my S44

  7. Awesome. Work like a charm. I've been looking for a fix for the S4 for several months now.

  8. Thanks a lot! Works perfect on my Note2, after I followed all the steps above. This program is a lot better and a lot faster than Samsung Kies. Especially compared to
    Kies3 which I was forced to upgrade to after I got the latest Android-upgrade. With Kies3 I couldn't sync att all!

  9. Works, flawless. thanks a million

  10. Thanks for the post! It works now and I am a very happy guy!

  11. I followed all instructions, but MyPhoneExplorer v1.8.5 version doesn't work. Please, can you check what is missing?

  12. Thanks... worked like a charm.

  13. Superb solution, I was struggling to get a solution and stumbled on to this url, started to work after implementing this solution. Thanks a lot buddy for sharing.

  14. Works on Galaxy S5, ThX dude! You rock!

  15. It works on my S4 Thank you

  16. Yippee!!!. Finally got it working.

  17. Hi. Any idea why S Note on my Galaxy S5 will not sync with MyPhoneExplorer? Only my old notes are displayed in MyPhoneExplorer. I have latest versions all round.

  18. Hi. Any idea why S Note won't sync from my Galaxy S5 to MyPhoneExplorer. Only my old notes are displayed. I have latest software all round.

  19. In order to connect to Samsung A5 you also need to download from Samsung the phone drive (http://developer.samsung.com/technical-doc/view.do?v=T000000117).

  20. Worked for me as well, managed to restore all data ^^

  21. how do i do this if my phone screen is broken?? please help

  22. Finally! THANK YOU, this still works in 2018! (Lenovo phone, Windows 10)


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