Monday, 18 November 2013

TopTV changes to StarSat – what’s gone and what’s new? (and for how much)

So, the message arrived on my TopTV decoder this evening telling of the channel changes and the new pricing.  For December, we will get the new bouquet for the same pricing as for the “old” TopTV offering but from 1 Jan 2014 the pricing will change.
So, what will be added and removed from my package you might ask?
Well, a visit to the new TopTV web site redirects you to the new StarSat web site, so it’s a bit difficult to compare :(
So, I dug up my old calculator and started modifying it to see what’s new and what’s been removed.

To summarize (and what they don’t tell you on the new StarSat web site):
These are the channels that will not be on StarSat any more:
1KZN, Classica, Discovery Science, Fashion, Fuel TV, Magic TV, Natura, and Zee Cinema

These are the new channels to be added to the StartSat offering (a lot of Chinese stuff in these):
Animaux, Bollywood HD, CCTV9, CCTV News, Chinese 2, CNC, e Kasi, e Movies, eAfrica, Entertainment Stars, Extreme Sports Channel, Extremely Nigerian, Fox crime, Kung Fu 3, KZN TV, Nat Geo Gold, NBA TV, NBA TV HD, Novela E1, OH Africa, Science Channel, Smile of a Child, Star Africa 2, Star Bollywood, Star E1, Star Movies 1, Star Music, Star Novela E3, Times Now, Tshwane TV, Zing.

My main concerns and the reason why I’m probably going to say goodbye to TopTV/StarSat is that the 3 channels that we watch the most on our R169 pm bouquet (previously called Variety+Entertainment+Knowledge) are not available on the “Smart” offering for R149: Discovery Science and Natura (which – it seems - have both gone completely from StarSat) and ID Investigation Discovery (which is available on the “Super” bouquet for R199 pm). 
I don’t want to be forced into spending the extra R30 per month for those 2 channels and I may as well see what the DSTV people are offering for R199. 

Here’s the detail of my comparison of the old TopTV with the new StarSat bouquets:
image image image 
Luckily the old TopTV web site is still online on the site if you want to do your own comparisons.

The DSTV site for comparing what your R169 or R199 per month can buy you is here:


  1. Star Sat is crap. My two sons and daughter have DSTV. Al tough much more expensive they have taken over the best program Star Sat had, TLC. Star Sat now only have 6 good channels, is that enough to get more viewers. No I predict the will not grow but will go the way of Top TV. Now with all their very low quality new Chinese programs it is rubbish. Some of the stuff are still in Chinese. I have nothing against Chinese but this is not CHINA!!!! DSTV have Home, various BBC and about 25 other very good channels in English. Good buy, I am getting DSTV and will be watching TLC and many other good English language channels.

    1. Hi Anonymous

      I agree with your comments - removing TLC (already removed) is a big problem for us.

      TLC is available on DSTV starting at their R99 pm bouquet (DSTV Access).
      I am considering going for their DSTV Compact bouquet for R275 pm - that's R76 more than what I'm paying StarSat now.
      See here for more:

      But wait... maybe getting Netflix and Unlocator will be better for me (streaming over the Internet)... but there's no sport nor news channels on NetFlix.

      Something to think about... but 1 thing is for sure, I'm leaving StarSat since TLC has left their "building".

      Thanks for your comment

      Regards HTT ;)

  2. nothing to is crap.we are 17 households that are going to buy another dish.

  3. it sucks.not for whites

  4. I totally agree,there is nothing to watch on starsat,no improvement.....Repeat TV is what its becoming to be known as,all programes we have been watching for the last 6months.SWAK OUENS...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. nothing to is crap.we are 17 households that are going to buy another dish.


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