Sunday, 18 July 2010

Soli Philander has been dismissed from Cape Talk radio (and Radio 702) - here's "Soli's Rhyme" or story explaining what happened

Soli we'll miss you.... I thought I'd capture his Facebook rhyme (or story explaining his side of what happened) - it might be easier for people to link to a posting rather than a Facebook comment:

This was posted by Soli as a comment on his Facebook page on 17th July 2010 @ 18h00:
When I joined Capetalk under the umbrella of Primedia
the understanding was "it's great to have your brand here"
I was to week-daily generate two hours of radio
keep the clients satisfied, help the numbers grow

All agreements that involved my other talents and skills
would be negotiated through my agent/manager (a position my wife fills)
I'll be so bold as to say in it's own way all was well, everything was fine
not only me, but my team did our best to shine

Meantime Primedia was starting this Primetalent endeavour
(and from their angle the move was decidedly clever)
Primetalent would represent all talent Primedia employs
and negotiate all their deals (this is not short, girls and boys)

This involves MC work, voice-overs, endorsements, etcetera
and payment would follow a certain set of criteria
We met, took pictures and agreed to discuss the deal
with an understanding that my scenario demands a different feel

I didn't need them (excuse me if I sound arrogant) to build my name
I didn't need them to find additional income for me - which they now claim
I did literally two jobs for them (without signing up)
and on the second one I was clear: here is the rub

I was earning a pittance (The Welcome The World Party) a laughable sum
and after all my hard work, ended up feeling glum
Also at this time my Capetalk contract was coming up for renewal
I had a signed letter assuring me employment was continual

But they suddenly developed difficulties getting the contract to me
whilst assuring me it had nothing to do with the Primetalent fee.
and then found it impossible to communicate with my manager/wife
who was not prepared to meagre fee my working life

I understand their concern, appparently there were documents signed
on which no clear parameters of my involvement had been to me defined
They asked for my position repeatedly, I repeatedly concurred with my love
which was when they decided they wanted to play tough

I was told (again) in no uncertain terms (again) that there was no other way
that it would be discussed in Joburg, that they would get back to me the next-to-next day
I felt concern, like my manager/wife alarm
my working at Capetalk was being threatened with harm

I had already worked for 5 days without a signed agreement
I was feeling under duress from management's treatment
We had an Outside Broadcast planned, it was for WC Semi-final day
I went into Capetalk to do it, I had agreed, I wouldn't let others suffer from this fray

I mailed the station manager about my considerations and my concerns
my disquiet around all the contractual twists and turns
I informed Programming of my intention to seek legal advice and not to work
but that my responsibilities towards my role in the OB I was not prepared to shirk

Programming offers me two days leave (without a contract) and warn that the OB is in danger
because of technical difficulties, not a broadcast stranger
So programming is up to date, station management has not responded to my earlier missive
If I was younger I imagine by then I would not have been so passive

When the OB got cancelled just before 11.00am I left the station
Africa Melane had agreed to do the show, in that regard there was no desperation
On leaving though, I'm slipped an unsigned copy of the contract in question
I am still confounded by that action's suggestion

Programming then calls me and asks me to put the reasons for my non-appearance on paper
which I do, 'cause by then I was thoroughly over this caper
And to once again emphasise my levels of stress
I (again) specifically employ the use of the word duress

The next day Rapport wants to synchronistically do a profile
I ask programming for input from the station, mud-slinging is not my style
By the end of day I'm suspended, gagged and informed of a disciplinary hearing
to which without a contract there's no need for adhering

But I go along believing logic will prove them wrong
ask to talk, worried that my absence without explanation was going on for far too long
I won't share with you yet the mud slung at me a week later at the so-called hearing
or the process that led up to it and made me wonder if they were law-fearing

Suffice to say, the way they chose to approach this play
does nothing to dissuade me of the fact (to this day)
that their agenda was making me part of a secondary stream of income
and when I said share fair...well, you're aware of what it's become

Programming denies an entire conversation
The charges are nothing less than character decimation
At the hearing they came waving an iron fist
whilst there was apparently no need for 1 of the nearly 30 witnesses on my list

People who were ready to speak for me and how I operate
who I have daily contact with, and to whom I relate
Now they've managed to get rid of me, and they think that they've won
and maybe they have, who knows when anything is done

The truth is when fighting exploitation
It's hard to manage the perceptions of the nation
especially if you know the workings of the media machine
where the truth can often be filtered through a screen

And when you're in dispute with a powerful organisation
the slightest wrong step can lead to devastation
but what worth our integrity if we're not prepared to fight
for what might not be profitable, but what is clearly right

And isn't it ironic, isn't it funny
that all work issues invariably revolve around money
if you ignore the hype and orchestrated hysteria
you'll find a thinking where the coin is superior

With little regard for dignity or respect
or the attendant humanity those values reflect
therefore I tell you this not for ego or delight
but only to give you access to my insight

Soli has a very large family... even his Facebook page states: "I've reached my friends limit on this page, but you can connect with me here:"


  1. Dit lyk my Soli se Kouk Rouk !!!!

  2. Hi Soli

    Been away for a while could not wait to get back and listen to you just to found you no longer on air!!!! Missing you stacks.Lots of Love Helene


  4. Hi Soli

    Good-luck to you, looking forward to having you on our airwaves again soon, hopefully with another radio station.

  5. @Anonymous x4: Thanks for your messages, I hope Soli comes here to read them!



  6. Hi Solly
    Good luck to you forward.You are sadly missed by many Cape talk listeners. But you will always be in our hearts.Solly every day i cant wait for you to come on the radio. You really brightened our days.Cape Talk will never be the same. I deceided not to listen to Cape Talk anymore.

    I will keep you in my prayers.

    God bless you and your family

  7. Soli,
    Why, o why must we always hurt one another? Very sad to hear about this and especially logged on tonight to find out what is going on! Believe me I will be praying for you and hope you experience all your fans'messages of comfort and "warm fuzzies". Let us know through the media where we can listen and relate to you, once again. God Bless mariette

  8. solly, I unconditionally believe you: It seems as if your "case" was completely gagged by all those mediocre presenters. Including that self-obsessed, conceited and arrogant John Maytham: who has warped ideas on esoteric nonsense - but who would/could not comment on what your situation was. Hulle gat man! You left your mark on capetalk, your infectious personality resonated has made your show a joy to listen to. Stand up for your principles. You were a great joy to listen to. darryl

  9. You had a huge following Soli and will seriously be missed. Your particular brand of infectious humour had large appeal. Cape Talk axed Lisa chiat to put you in her place and it was a successful move, even though Lisa was also very good. The current replacement, meaning no disrespect, is, I presume, temporary, until they find an alternative. I hope they do so fast. I wont say I will switch radio stations as I enjoy the rest too much, but wish you luck in the choices which will come your way. Entertainment is a stressful game!

  10. Aden,Redi, Gibbons, Soli, Matham and Keeno - Capetalk had an stunning line-up of presenters, well balanced to reflect the best of Cape Town's culture!
    Soli's absence will leave a gap. Although I sometimes felt like his programming required a bit more planning and professionalism (and I'm a Cape Flats boy!), I think that Soli has something that no other presenter can emulate -an ability to create an environment where everbody feels included and welcome. Also quite infectious optimism. So I can't help feeling like the listeners should have had more influence over this decision. After all, Capetalk is OUR platform, the medium in which we get to speak to each other accross all the barriers that separate us.

  11. YESS!!! No more Soli!!!!!!!! Great news

  12. Bring back beautiful Lisa Chaite! and watch your listener list rise!!!!

  13. Love Soli as a stand-up and on TV but not on radio. Too much noise; too manay decibels.

    Bring back smooth-voiced, intelligent, quirky and never boring Lisa Chait!

    Go well Soli.

  14. Don't corporates just suck? I'm sure there are 2 sides to every story, but Soli injected Cape Talk with some much needed humour and irreverence - I listened every day and never heard him lose his temper and he always seemed sincere. He was a wonderful replacement for Lisa who became jaded and bombastic the longer she stayed. He was also the pre-antidote before the arrogance one had to endure from wannabe thespian John Natham. Go well Soli, I do hope you find a suitable platform to continue to entertain Capetonians, like me, are throughly fed up with these self important and ill-spoken radio hosts.

  15. Missing you on the radio Soli, there just is NO replacement for what you bring to the listeners. The likes of the Maythams,Adens are in no short supply, each trying to be impress themselves. Really miss your humour & honest expression. So many fake it accent, superficial intellegence, and lame attraction! Linda.

  16. Soli you WERE 567 Cape Talk... - My 4 year old actually calls 567 "Soli" and will not listen as she states it's BORING now... And well...-if a 4 year old can tel...

  17. I too miss the early afternoon program with Soli...witty, sharp, caring and compassionate. Sometimes in life its not about clever, smart, what we learn, how far we've come... sometimes its just about 'being' and that's what Soli's show allowed just be!

  18. I can't believe they let someone like you go, Soli! You "personalised" Cape Talk. I so much appreciated your honesty, your humour, your depth, your passion, your wit, your absolutely infectuous laughter...goeie genugtig, what are we going to do now between 12 and 14h00? Hope you'll find something where your passion is appreciated, and its OPEN - please don't sit behind a desk and be quiet!

  19. Well done on retaining your dignity Soli! What right does anyone have to cash in on your reputation whilst they provide nothing.Parasites without any talent or soul. You however are rich in spirit. Bigger and better opportunities will present themselves I have no doubt.

  20. they always screw our colourds over !!!
    fcuk them!!!!

  21. Soli can never be replaced. And thank God for that! Bring back Lisa

  22. Cape Talk made a big mistakes to dismissed Soli. I wasn't Cape Talk listener before but one an half years ago, I found Cape Talk in the afternoon or just listening to the station just interesting because of Soli, now that he is gone. Cape Talk is boring so to speak and you guys at Cape Talk you were lucky to have him. I know he wasn't an organized presenter but hey that was Cape Talk management team's problem to let Soli to come to the studio unprepared. He was a big asset to the station. Good luck with your boring station.

  23. i dindnt beleive it when soli said yo masee poes on the fifa fan fest in cape had a jol.....will miss u soli philander from luzuko cput

  24. Hell, great news ; now I can listen to 567 again. Our family could not stand Soli. He was never prepared, and we could never understand who told him that he was a good presenter. Maybe a good stand-up ? ....but please, never on radio again, So, we're asking his wife/manager to lock him up for a couple of months and amybe he can do stand-up again

  25. After the Midday Report & the news, we'd usually switch off. Now & then we'd tune in to see if things had calmed down. Usually not - Soli's show was two hours of continual over-excited screeching and shouting. I believe he's a good man, a funny man and a compassionate man, but I don't believe his voice & style are suited to radio.
    Lisa Chait and Mike Wills we still miss you. Soli - sorry, your noise is not missed, but you're a good person and we wish you well.

  26. I will miss you Solly when I am on the road listening to Cape Talk!! Your Personality and your charm will be missed. I hope another radio station or TV programme will get you so that we can TUNE in! As Albert Einstein Said - "The world we have created is a product of our thinking; it cannot be changed without changing our Thinking."

  27. Oh No!!!! I CANNOT believe Soli is no longer on cape talk. Came back from holiday and tuned in to cape talk and GUESS WHAT ...No SOLI..I have asked all WHERE IN THE WORLD IS Sir really cheered us up every afternoon on our way home from picking the chilren up from school. what great laughs we had. Hope we hear you on another radio station. i will no longer tune into THAT 567 station. Dianne Newlands

  28. Soli, My Heart is Broken. I `No Longer` Listen to CapeTalk.
    You were the Bright Spark in our daily lives. My Husband and I, Sue, Wish you and Your Lovely Happy Family all the Love and the Beauty you desire for yourselves. God Bless ! All Success to you All ! Love SUE and Hubby. 3rd September 2010

  29. What a huge mistake. Your slot is deader than dead. This goes beyond cretinism. Oh boy we miss you big big time!

  30. Soli, You're a nice guy but I think that your ship was sunk due to the Taxi being not 'Road Worthy.' You focused too much on that damn, bloody taxi. People were getting fed-up of the same old 'Cape Flats' style drag. They started to complain. Was this spot which you presented really for the so-called Cape Flats coloured people only? White, Indian and the more informed so-called Coloured people were not interested in your show any more. Watch, also your language.

    WILL keep praying for you!

  32. Cape Talk is a waste of time without you. So PC they are. Makes me sick. Every little problem the previously disadvantaged have gets huge mileage...even them going as far as saying it's cool for poor people to invade land and poach crayfish...because shame they have so many children and need to buy food and shoes.
    Soli you handled these issues perfectly without making my blood boil. Wils

  33. Cape Talk should be renamed Cape Ads - there are more ads than talk these days. SIES - gaan werk vir Radio Houtstok!!!

  34. I thought you bought yourself a taxi.Nou ry gou ry


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