Monday, 7 March 2011

Roaming using your Blackberry and don’t want to use Data Services from the cell phone network: SOLVED

So, you are travelling/roaming abroad and don’t want to be charged those horrendous fees for data services?  Using my Blackberry 9700 Bold this is what I did to ensure that I used free WiFi connections abroad:
1) Options->WiFi: and connect to your free WiFi service
2) Options->Mobile Network->Data Services: ON
3) Options->Mobile Network->WhileRoaming: OFF
4) Network selection->Automatic
5) In the BB Browser->Options->General Properties->Default Browser->Hotspot Browser

That should do it :)
Now my WhatsApp, BBM, browsing works

Thanks to this post that helped me figure this out:

Of course, you could decide that you want to be mobile and not “tied” to the WiFi in your hotel or office – so you should then purchase a local SIM card and put it into your phone and use the local GSM network.   But remember that with a Blackberry phone - you need to buy a BIS package otherwise your phone cannot access the Internet AT all!

In other words, if you just buy a prepaid SIM card you can't use WhatsApp or Viber or similar - it won't work without a BIS package!  Perhaps you should then take another phone (eg: iPhone or Nokia or Android or whatever other non-BB phone) with you on holiday.


  1. my whatsapp is charging from my credit , even though im connected to wifi! why? can any1 help?

  2. turn off the tcp/ip it wont charge ur credit

  3. How to do that in my nokia N95 8GB

    1. Hi Anonymous with Nokia N95,

      I have downloaded your phone's user manual from here:

      From page 149: In Network settings: Tools > Settings > Phone > Network > Operator selection > Set this to "Manual".
      When you are out of your home country and lose connection to your data network, then do NOT select a foreign network when prompted to do so - otherwise you will be charged those high roaming rates.
      Rather connect when you are in range of a WiFi network.

      Let me know if this helps ;)


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