Monday, 2 August 2010

Usenet for downloading stuff... here's how to do it

Is it really worth all the effort to install these programs?

BitTorrent seems so much easier...

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An Introduction to Usenet

What is Usenet?

Rather than dive into a full history of Usenet, let's talk about how it's relevant to you. Usenet was originally designed as a bulletin-board service, and so there's a ton of text content available on Usenet, but once binary newsgroups made their way into Usenet, it quickly became a popular place to find any sort of files that interest you. A site called Newzbin started indexing the binaries available on Usenet and creating the NZB file format. An NZB file is basically the Usenet equivalent of BitTorrent's torrent file, in that when you download an NZB, you're simply downloading a file that points to files available on Usenet. Applications supporting the NZB format can use them to make downloading Usenet binaries a piece of cake. In this guide, we're going walk through how to set up Usenet access, configure a newsreader, and then find NZB files so you can get the content you want.


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