Thursday, 5 June 2008

Get emailed when that important web page/blog changes - it's like an URLy warning system, that shows you exactly what has been changed

Get emailed when that important web page/blog changes - it's like an early (or is that URLy) warning system, that shows you exactly what has been changed.

Are you eagerly waiting for that next version of software to be released? Do you religiously visit the web page every week, every day, or even every hour! Reduce your stress -> set up an automated, free monitor and let do that for you.

Watch your competitors' web sites, track changes on overnight shipping, monitor blogs, monitor news topics, and more....

You can even 'register' to monitor changes to this blog site, and get emailed every time it changes (your email address will not be given to HandyTechTipper!): 1) Search for "Be notified of page updates" at the bottom of this page, 2) enter your email address, 3) click OK. Another web browser window will open and press "Next", then wait for an email to arrive and confirm your email address by clicking on the link in the email... and follow the rest of the instructions.... and soon, you'll be receiving email notifications of changes to your favourite web sites.

Go back in history and see what's changed on this blog (and when) by clicking here:

For Bloggers and WebMasters:
If you don't update your site daily, people will stop visiting......unless you use ChangeDetection.

Build traffic to your website. Make repeat visitors out of casual surfers and keep loyal visitors coming back. Give your visitors the tool they need to take full advantage of your site.
It works like this: you place a ChangeDetection panel on your website; your users sign-up to monitor the page for changes; when you change the page, we send an email alert to your users letting them know it's updated.

Know how many people we notified and when.
It works like this: place a "claiming tag" (see below) on the page to let us know it's yours; when we notify your users of a change, we also let you know how many we notified ; we let you know by email, and they will also show up in recent alerts.
See here for more info:

To ignore sections of your page that change frequently, insert comments in your html code - see here for more details:

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