Sunday, 29 June 2008

1 more day to purchase 27.3% cheaper electricity... do it now

CapeTown electricity is going up by 27.3% on 01July - that leaves 1 day for you to stock up on cheaper electricity:  

Refer to my earlier blog "Does it pay to topup your pre-payment meter?", I have purchased a few months' worth of electricity.

Here are some of the questions that are answered:
3) How much pre‑paid electricity can I purchase before the increase?

To save money you can top up your pre-payment electricity to a maximum of 9,999 units. allows purchases of up to R2,500 per transaction but more than one transaction can be made…. as long as your credit card can take it! If you try and top up too much, then your meter will disallow entry of the ‘token’ – you will need to wait until you’ve used up some units.

Note: that if you pay a ‘daily service fee’ [on tariffs: ‘Domestic 1’ or ‘Domestic 3’], then you cannot pre-purchase ‘daily service fee’ “credits” (in other words, you can only stock up on units, not ‘daily service fee’). This means that if you purchase 4 months worth of units, you will pay the current per unit price of electricity, and in 4 months time when you purchase again, you will then be charged 4 months of ‘daily service fees’ (at the new increased rate)…. So, there’s no getting around the ‘daily service fee’ increase.

4) When must I key in my purchased units?
The purchase transaction is for units (not Rands) – the pre-payment meter has no knowledge of the actual price of the electricity, so it doesn’t matter when you enter the token into the meter – as long as the purchase is made before the price increase comes into effect (that’s probably 01July for City of Cape Town).

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And while you're saving money, why not ready the blog "Why pay cash for pre-paid electricity when you can use your credit card?" and earn cash back and "reward points".

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