Friday, 4 July 2008

Stop throwing away unused ADSL bandwidth at the end of every month....

Buy non-expiring bandwidth: If you don’t use up your 1GB per month of your ADSL bandwidth then you probably lose it since TelkomInternet’s policy (and lots of other ISPs) is “use it or lose it”. Changing your ISP will allow you to buy bandwidth and carry over any unused bandwidth.

For example:

WebAfrica: R70 per GB (excellent help-desk; credit cards accepted). See here for more info: WebAfrica info R65 per GB (no help-desk; EFT only); R40 dial-up.

No ADSL connection yet?:

then get connected using Nashua mobile - they now offer ADSL for R139 per month – that includes: ADSL line (from Telkom), 1GB per month, free ADSL router (it’s network locked but…. try this)

Then if you run out of bandwidth, top-up using WebAfrica (as above).

If you prefer to have No monthly charges then rather:

Connect using GPRS/3G using your cell phone as a modem. Out of bundle rates: R2 per MB (else purchase a bundle for lower rates).
See here for info on connecting your cell phone to your PC: setting-up-your-pc-to-connect

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