Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Tagga, click away crime is now free! TAGGA your goods and help kill the *illegal* second hand market!

It's official: Tagga is now free! No annual subscription fee. No catch - it's now a genuine community service with no fees to register nor search for stolen goods.
Do your bit to help kill the illegal second hand market and register now. If everyone registers and updates the system then it will be more difficult for the bastards to sell your stuff and profit from crime.
Oh, I almost forgot to mention that you could also win R10,000 if you have that matching serial number: Click here to find out more: R10,000
From Tagga web site when registering:
TAGGA can be used FREE of charge. We are supported through various advertisers as well as the proceeds from our online shop.
So please support our sponsors and browse around our online shop.
Donations are also welcome.
Thank you for your support.

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