Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Krugersdorp student killed with a sword.... watch what your kids are up to on the Internet by using a free "Net Nanny" app

I was listening to Cape Talk's Aden Thomas interviewing an expert on child psychology who mentioned that parents need not worry about their kids if they are introverts, but rather if they are on the Internet a lot and surfing - make sure you know what your kids are up to on the Internet. Often satanistic ideas are found and cultivated on the web.
I had been looking for a good app that supervises where my kids navigate to on the Internet and limit their online and computer time.... well, I think I've found an app that does all this and more! The price is right too - it's free.
If you are unsure of your children's activities online or if you want to limit their computer time - then this app is definitely for you.
It can even take screen shots at configured intervals so you can "see" what the kids are up to!
It comes from the same software house that also provides the free "SpyWare Terminator" app (http://www.spywareterminator.com/) that I use to protect my PCs.
Protect Your Children
Get perfect control of websites your children browse, software they use, and folders they access. Regulate the time when they can use your computer and connect to the Internet. Hide content on your computer that you don't want them to see.

Guard Your Computer
Prevent your children and other users of your computer from installing unwanted and potentially harmful software and uninstalling applications that you need to use. Stop unauthorized access to your important files and incompetent changes to your system and security settings.

Block Websites with Dangerous Content
Have control over the content that comes into your home or office by customizing the content you want to filter and individualizing the content accessible to every single user. Prevent your children from accessing porn sites and using your credit card for unauthorized online shopping.

Schedule Time Spent on Your Computer
Time spent surfing the Internet and playing computer games passes quickly. Determine how much time your kids can spend on the computer, both online and offline, by creating pre-set periods and time limits that users can access your computer and get connected to the Internet.

Get Detailed Reports
Monitor the online and offline use of your computer wherever you are. User activity reports are stored on your computer and can be sent to your email address so you can access the record from any web browser at any time.
Here's more info from their web site: http://www.crawlerparental.com/
Free Parental Control & Web Security Guard
Control activity on your computer!
Give your children top level protection! Get a unique combination of computer protection and prevent access to potentially dangerous websites.
Prevent your kids from accessing potentially harmful websites
Restrict access to selected programs and folders on your computer
Set limits on time spent at your computer and online activity
Don't allow your kids to install malware or change important settings
Receive reports about selected activity on your computer

Web Security Guard displays website reviews and threat level to help prevent your kids from entering potentially dangerous websites.

UPDATE on 30 June 2009: Seems like Crawler Parental Control is no longer available and is no longer supported... try this free service (until end 2009): Monitor your kids' Internet surfing: Free until the end of the year: OnlineFamily.Norton with Norton Safety Minder: https://onlinefamily.norton.com/familysafety/loginStart.fs

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  1. Net Nanny is a great application. I have used that and other products before. The idea of spying on your loved ones does not sit well with me though. However the thought of my child going to school with a bunch of armed and dangerous children is even worse.

    It would be great if there was an application like Net Nanny for MXIT and a number of those other social networking sites that allow the kids to socialise with some of the biggest perverts on this planet.

    Please help Handy Tech Tipper.


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