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Nokia 6110 Navigator: free Road Safety Data (eg: camera locations) for South Africa and the world

OK, you've now purchased that new cell phone with the built-in GPS and now you want to make it tell you when to slow down for those "road hazards".

Here's some information that I've reaped from all over the Internet and put it in one place.
I have tested the download and install process - but I'm yet to try it out on the road!
Your feedback will be appreciated.... good experiences and bad :)

POI = Points Of Interest (like camera speed trap info!!)

High level steps are as follows:
0) Register for the data files [once off step]

1) Get the latest data (download from web site) [short and long steps]

2) Convert data into .gpi format to Nokia format (lmx)

3) Download to phone and set up audio alerts

0) Register for the data files [once off step]

For the data files, you will need to register on this web site (you don't need a Garmin GPS) - if they ask (which they don't), then say you (will) own a Garmin GPS (soon) ;)
{BTW: You don't need to provide your, well, let's say, your "most checked email address"... the email they send back to you contains your username and password... which you know anyway!!!}

After entering your email address, they will want more of your personal info....

1"short") Get the latest data (download from web site)
Select Country: South Africa
Select Category: Road Safety
Select: Speed Cameras
Click Download GPS POI: "Download" button [69Kb]
Select: LMX - Nokia Landmarks format {http://www.gps-data-team.com/poi/south_africa/safety/index.php?Speed_Cameras_za.lmx&sid=free_poi_files&format=lmx&file=Speed_Cameras_za}
{Note: .zip file links are not clickable if you haven't registered/logged in}
Save file as: c:\temp\Speed_Cameras_za.lmx

Note: if this step 1 is successful, then go to step 3 (ie: skip step 2 below)

NOTE: step 1"long" gets the data from a different place on the Internet... and must be converted: in step 2 below...
1"long") Get the latest data (download from web site)
You might need to login: http://www.garmap.co.za/POILoader/login_registered.asp
Then go to this page for the data files:

Download the zip files {at the bottom of the screen} (updated weekly):
{Note: .zip file links are not clickable if you haven't registered/logged in}
This is the one with Camera info: ------->>>>>>Road_Safety_Data_20080825.zip

2) Convert data into .gpi format to Nokia format (lmx)
NOTE: if you already have the .lmx file from step 1"short" above, then skip this step (ie: go to step 3)

Unzip the data zip files and place on your computer:

2a) Download the "POI loader" software and convert the downloaded .gpx files to a .gpi file

Download the software here [15.7MB]: http://www8.garmin.com/products/poiloader/ click on the "Download the latest version" link

or directly from here: http://www8.garmin.com/support/collection.jsp?product=999-99999-12

Install POILoaderforWindows to your Windows PC (ie: run the setup file).

Run the "POI loader" software:
Save points of interest files to: Save options: Select: "Custom folder"
Enter folder to save your POI file: c:\temp\
Point to where data files can be found: c:\temp\RS_GPX_20080825\Camera_Hazards_20080825
"Congratulations: you have successfully installed nnnn POIs to your computer.

2b) Convert the .gpi file to a Nokia understandable .lmx file:
Go to http://garmin.gps-data-team.com/poi_manager.php
Enter the location of the .gpi file: c:\temp\Poi.gpi
Click on the "Edit POIs online" button
Click on the "LMX" button and save the file to your computer c:\temp\poi.xml

3a) Download the LMX file to the Nokia 6110 Navigator phone and set up audio alerts:
From here: http://www.gps-data-team.com/pda-gps-navigation/topic/1435.html

1. Download Nokia GPS LMX files (see step 1"short" above) or convert POI files with the online POI Editor (see step 2 above)

2. Save LMX file to your memory card (e.g. Data). Use USB "Data Transfer"
{remember to unplug the phone from your PC}

3. On your phone go to Settings >> Data manager >> File manager >> Data and click on the poi.xml file.
The Nokia Landmark editor will open and display a list of landmarks.

4. Options->Save all landmarks

5. Assign appropriate category to your POIs:
Goto Applications >> Landmarks >> Categories >> Uncategorised >> Options > Mark/Unmark >> Mark All

6. Return to Options and select Add To Category say "Speed Cameras"

3b) Setup audio alerts on the cell phone:
Download audio alerts:
From: http://www.gps-data-team.com/pda-gps-navigation/topic/1435.html

"Traffic camera ahead" - download: http://tomtom.gps-data-team.com/voices/Traffic_camera_ahead.wav
"Speed camera ahead" - download: http://tomtom.gps-data-team.com/voices/Speed_camera_ahead.wav
'Red light camera ahead" - download: http://tomtom.gps-data-team.com/voices/Red_light_camera_ahead.wav

How to set Nokia audio alerts:
1. Click on the download link with right mouse button, save to your HDD and copy audio file to your Nokia.

2. On your Nokia, startup the GPS navigator: goto Options->Settings >> Alarm >> Landmarks >> Speed Cameras (or whatever you called the category)

3. Change alarm settings - Visual alarm, Warning sound and distance

4. Press Save and exit

For reference:
This is the main page to get all the software and data files you will need:
{Note: .zip file links are not clickable if you haven't registered/logged in}

Note: Steps 1"short" and 1"long' get different data files - the accuracy of the data might be different as well.

Remember, your feedback will be appreciated.... good experiences and bad :)

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