Sunday, 6 April 2008

Skype chat: taking control of the group chat session

Did you know that typing /set listeners username in a Skype group chat session will set users to read only mode - useful when someone is "too loud".
Did you know that typing /help in a Skype chat session gives you a list of useful (IRC style) commands/info.. .try it and see that you can moderate your chat from the chat text entry dialog.

If you are the creator of the chat, then try the following:
/add username – will add users to your chat
/kick username – will eject and ban users
/showmembers – will show a list of members and their privileges in your chat
/set masters username – will promote users to hosts of your chat
/set users username – will set users to regular participants with no special privileges
/set listeners username – will set users to read only mode
/get [creator|masters||users|listeners|level] – will show a list of users in a particular role

Here are some more commands:
/me [text]
/topic [text]
/find [text]
/fa or /
/alertson [text]
/call [skypename] ..
/get creator
/get role
/whois [skypename]
/setrole [skypename] MASTER|HELPER|USER|LISTENER
/kick [skypename]
/kickban [skypename]
/get guidelines
/set guidelines [text]
/get options
/set options [[+|-]flag] ..
/setpassword [password] [password hint]
/get password_hint
/set password_hint [text]
/set password [text]
/get banlist
/get allowlist
/set banlist [[+|-]mask] ..
/set allowlist [[+|-]mask] ..


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  2. Thanks for this list, it served as the starting point when I began collecting all possible Skype commands. If you're interested in the result, have a look at

  3. You can edit your last post with this:

    s/text to change/new text/

    1. or you can just right click next to your post (or anyone else's if your a master or creator) and select edit post...

  4. Thanks for this list. It helped me a lot when I was compiling all known Skype-commands and their meaning. Check it out at

    If you do know or find out any more new commands or tricks with skype, please give me a comment :)

  5. It didnt see to work, i want to become a master in the group.


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