Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Beware of scammers using false logos eg: SolarQuip

Beware of the usage of similar but false logos: A colleague thought he was getting product that was SABS approved and services from the same company that was a member of an "Association" - he was wrong.

It looked like the SABS logo; and the web site stated they were a "Member Solar Energy Society of Southern Africa your Protection".

BUT, the SABS logo is different and their products are not SABS approved, and there's no association called "Solar Energy Society of Southern Africa" - it's called "Sustainable Energy Society of Southern Africa"

Here are the logos (see for yourself here:
SABS logo: vs false logo used:
The SESSA "Sustainable Energy Society of Southern Africa" logo: vs non-existant ("Solar Energy Society of Southern Africa"):

I wonder what complaining to the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa (ASA) and SABS will result in?

I sympathise with my colleague and I too consider this to be false advertising of SolarQuip's products (solar panels and solar geysers) and services.

Mail them ( and let them know that this is not acceptable!
Tell your friends to watch out...

Maybe some bad advertising will make them change their tune??!!

Update on 16June2010:
Watch out or, at least, be aware: #WTF Geyser's element has just blown <3 years after installation... 5 year geyser warranty, but only 3 months on the element! #FFS #RipOff

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