Thursday, 21 May 2009

AutoTweet each time someone reads an article on your Blog... How to connect to Twitter

I'm assuming you know what Twitter is... one of the things it's good at is letting you talk (tweet) to your followers and to the world.
Now all those bloggers out there want, no need, to tell everyone that they've posted a new article on their blog - and for that HootSuite can be set up to automatically poll your blog and Tweet about any new postings (uses the RSS feed feature):

Now what if you want to show your Tweets on your Blog?

Then add an html gadget to your page and paste the following:

Also, has a gadget called "Twikut" that shows your last few Twitters on your Blog's page.

Now what if you want to AutoTweet each time someone reads an article on your Blog?
Let's see if we can explain this WhatIs and HowTo:
eg: "AutoTweetRead - Blog_Title -"

This would be a way of advertising the articles on your blog on Twitter - where the Twitters' frequency is relative to the number of times each is read.

All credits go to
John K Weber for thinking up the concept and then creating the mechanism to autoTweet.

Here's a detailed description of how to connect to Twitter for each read:

An AutoTweet will be created whenever any blog article is read.
It is written in php and is extremely easy to set up (refer to code in zip file below).
1) Download and unzip the file, then

2) Edit the php file and change username:password to your own Twitter usename and password, then
3) Change the text that you want to be displayed on your tweet eg: "AutoTweet: Some1 has read blog: Blog Title XYZ"
4) Save the file to somethingyoulike.php
5) Upload it to a trusted server of your choice

Then, make your blog call this script that will AutoTweet your blog article.

If you use then place it in an HTML/JavaScript gadget and call it with the following line of code:

{Note: join the following lines into 1 line}
< img alt="Tweet this Referrer URL" src="

That's it.... whenever this file is called it should send a Tweet to your Twitter account automatically with the article name and the URL to the article.

Note: the reader's browser needs to load images for the script to trigger the AutoTweet.

Here's the php code: Download and then unzip:

John K Weber gr8 job! I agree with you "It is amazing that Twitter seemed to be such a useless tool and now it seems to be one of the biggest internet phenomenons. Go figure....."

If you think
Facebook is gr8 - then go give Twitter a try - you will be blown away!

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