Monday, 26 April 2010

How to block your kids from accessing those web sites like

It’s no secret that I’m against all that WWE and WWW wrestling on TV these days!  I’m also against my children accessing the wrestling Internet site   (surprise, surprise!).  So, I decided to morph my earlier posting “How to block your own PC from skewing your site’s Google Analytics statistics” into an article that shows you how to block your PC from connecting to their site. 
Note: there are other ways of doing this via your firewall and/or router – but this method might be easier for some.
Note: the proper way of blocking undesirable sites would be to install a professional tool (like the discontinued free Crawler Parental Control – email me if you want a copy)

If you’re interested in reading my 2 older blog posts that inspired this one: “eTV - remove all that WWE wrestling from the airwaves.. in fact, I'll rid it myself! Here's a way to block those images from entering your home!andHow to block your own PC from skewing your site’s Google Analytics statistics

We are going to add to the Windows hosts file and it will then route traffic to the wrong place:
Edit the 'hosts' file: edit %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
and add the following 2 lines (add more if you know of other undesirable sites that your kids visit):

Save the file and voila - all traffic destined for will get routed to your local PC!


  1. Wow, what and awesome way to block stuff, you must be some kind of computer wizard.

  2. Hi Anonymous

    :) Thanks - glad you liked my ideas.

    Hope it works for you too!


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