Saturday, 11 July 2009

eTV - remove all that WWE wrestling from the airwaves.. in fact, I'll rid it myself! Here's a way to block those images from entering your home!

I've been wanting to moan about all the wrestling on eTV, then Mr.MLX's blog "WWE Is Just NOT Wrestling Anymore?" got me thinking... and I posted a comment. Now, I've devised a devious way to prevent the TV signals from entering my house and getting to my kids! It might seem brute force, but perhaps it will help other parents to protect their young children.
Note: this "trick" will only work if you have a signal booster on your TV antenna.

Here are my feelings as posted on M.L.xTreme! blog:

There’s so much of it on eTV.

So much violence, so much bad-mouthing – it should be banned.

It sets a very bad example for the kids of today. It portrays the threats and screaming at each other as an example to follow.

Let’s complain to the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa (BCCSA) so that they ban it due to gratuitous violence and it promotes and glamorizes violence against men and women.

(see sections 14 and 15 of the BCCSA Code of Conduct for Free to Air Licensees)

I mean is so much of this necessary?:

eTV thinks that flagging it as “PG10 V” is sufficient?!!

WWE Vintage Collection – Saturdays 16h00

ECW – Wrestling: every Saturday at 17h00

WWE Raw – Sundays @ 17h00

WWE Bottomline – Mondays @ 11h30

WWE Smackdown – Wednesdays @ 20h30

Wake up e-TV - this is not "sport" - otherwise you will force me to implement my devious plan:

1) Locate the power source of your TV aerial's signal booster

2) Purchase a digital time switch (one where days of the week can be programmed) and program it to
turn off the power that corresponds to the times that eTV broadcast the offending programs (like wrestling, porno, etc)
3) Unplug the signal booster and plug it into the digital time switch

4) Plug the digital time switch into the power socket.

Note: ALL signals that require boosting/ amplification will also be cut off

Note: this "trick" will only work if you have a signal booster on your TV antenna.

Note: the un-boosted eTV signal might still be viewable... in this case a noise generator might be needed....

I went to the BCCSA site to try and lodge a complaint... what a poor site - missing links, and more.

Here's the procedure:
5 steps
BUT... step 1 cannot be done:
"check that the broadcaster has signed BCCSA code (check signatories
here)" gives a 404 error (page not found) WTF!! Doesn't instill much confidence in the BCCSA does it??!!!


Register a Complaint Quick Guide
1. Before registering a complaint, check that the broadcaster has signed BCCSA code (check signatories here) as the BCCSA does not deal with complaints regarding broadcasters that have not signed the code.
The complaint does not concern an advertisement broadcast by a signatory who is also subject to the Code of the Advertising Practice of the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa.
2. Ensure that you have the date, time and channel of the broadcast

3. Examples of the material and reasons why the broadcast might have contravened the BCCSA's Code of Conduct.

Post, fax or email the complaint to the BCCSA. Complaints must not be anonymous and should include a physical address and contact numbers. Petitions and Orchestrated complaints are not acceptable.

The BCCSA will deal with the complaint based on the BCCSA procedure.


At very least..... eTV please, please move the broadcasts to times when children are in bed ie: after 20h00 on week days... NOT at 16h00, 17h00, 11h30.

Listening to your (eTV) BCCSA compliance ad on TV: "....we are committed to not broadcasting programmes that are harmful to children...". I contest that the wrestling programmes ARE harmful to children (and to our country as a whole)!

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