Friday, 9 July 2010

Dear driver of CapeCables van Reg Nr: CA 357-993 @ 08h00 on Fri 9th July


Please forward this note to the driver of your vehicle:

Dear driver of a white bakkie: Reg Nr: CA 357-993

I was one of your fellow road users by the Athlone off-ramp @ 08h00 this morning and I observed what you did.... you decided that you couldn’t wait another 5 seconds behind me and 3 other vehicles all travelling at the designated speed limit of 100km/h (I know this because my speed control was engaged at 100 km/h).
No, rather than waiting, you decided to overtake all 4 of us, then cut across the solid white line (yes, it’s the line that’s been there for years – not newly painted overnight) and of course, cut the leader of our pack off, and can you guess what happened to the other 3 of us?
You then sped off only to be stopped at the Athlone robots – yes, you guessed it – 5 (ok, maybe 4) seconds ahead of us.
I must admit, I didn’t really think that you were going to stop at the red light, I mean,  if a solid white line and the speed limit has no bearing on your behaviour, then why should a red light have any effect?

I hope you have a great weekend, and enjoy the vibe that fellow South Africans have created.

Best regards


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