Sunday, 16 January 2011

Where to download VoipBusterMate and SkypeMate for USB phones

Following from my previous postings on cheap (and sometimes free) international calling using VOIP (Voice over Internet) and USB phone handsets, I was distressed to find that the  and download sites are getting fewer and fewer.  (The original location that my posts referred to are now no longer available to download the software)
So, I decided to make the downloads that I have on my local computers available here:

I also see that some are available here too:

Previous posts that explain how to connect your DECT cordless telephone to make VOIP calls:
* My DECT cordless phone is now actually working with Skype and SkypeOut and VoipBuster and VOIP calls – cool, and so convenient!
* Hooray, I’ve found a way to use my cordless DECT phone to make Skype and SIP VoipBuster calls – Solved :)
* 120 free days of calls to major cities, then rates at cheaper than SkypeOut


  1. After a computercrash I had difficulty finding

    You helped me out by making it available though your link.

    Many many thanks

  2. Thank you so much, i previously got skypemate from yealink themselves but they seem to be gone from online :(.

    Stumbled across this and all was fixed... thank you again :)

  3. For several months of having a W1DL cordless, i could not dial out with Skypemate 5.0. I installed Skypemate 4.0 and dialing out is not a problem with the handset.


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