Saturday, 22 August 2009

Hooray, I’ve found a way to use my cordless DECT phone to make Skype and SIP VoipBuster calls – Solved :)

Further to my posting “VoipBuster over SkypeOut…” where I ask the question “How do you make calling over VoipBuster as convenient as using the DECT cordless Telkom phone? (for less than R600)”, I think I’ve found the answer for R348 R255. The box is called SkypeBox or Telbox or ‘Yealink USB-B2K’ USB adapter and, since it’s a USB device, it needs to be plugged into a computer (and that’s why it’s such a cost effective solution) that will connect to the Internet and runs the VOIPbuster software.  (I see that no external power is required – so that’s 1 less cable to plug in!)
Download the manual here [410KB]: USB-B2K USB adapter manual

In fact, this box of tricks seems to have created software drivers (in 2007, 2008 already!) so that it can interface to the following VOIP services: SkypeMate, VoipBusterMate, VoipBusterMate, MSNMate, YahooMate, X-TenMate (for X-Lite, X-Pro or eyeBeam), SJphoneMate, GoogleTalkMate, Net2phoneMate, NortelMate
Yealink Easy VOIP ‘Solutions page’
For a full list, click on the VOIP product logos on this page: Yealink Easy VOIP ‘Solutions page’.  Once you have clicked on the VOIP provider logo, the instructions appear at the bottom of the screen along with the Yealink compatible hardware :) and links to download the software (eg: VoipBuster) and the ‘Mate’ driver (eg; VoipBusterMate):

From the USB-B2K manual: “USB Adaptor is analog telephone adaptor with one USB interface to PC, 1 FXS for regular phone and 1 FXO for PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) call relays.
All cordless phones and regular phones can be used to make and receive Skype call.  Phone can be used to make regular call at the same time.  Phone rings for all incoming Skype and PSTN calls. Skype or PSTN calls is switched by pressing phone key (*).
Supports DECT, 2.4G, 900M and any other wireless phones; Make/Receive both Skype calls and regular PSTN calls; Auto-detection and auto-switching to Skype or PSTN calls; Phone rings for all incoming Skype and PSTN calls; Use the phone keypad to dial.”
{Note: the manual refers to Skype calls, but has obviously not been updated for the other VOIP software products like VOIPbuster}

As you can see, there are a 11 hardware products listed in the VoipBuster compatible devices offered by Yealink.  I’m not really interested in corded USB/normal phones since then I may as well use my headset.  So, the devices that I will look at purchasing are the USB-B2K adapter or the USB-B3G adapter or the USB Wireless phones (USB-W1DL or USB-P8DH).

So, let’s find some online prices in South Africa:
SkypeBox or Telbox or ‘Yealink USB-B2K’ USB adapter:
R220.00 (+R35 delivery fee) from
R335.00 (+R40 delivery fee, else collect from Cape Town) from
R348.00 (+delivery fee) from

USB-B3G: (I couldn’t find any available online)

USB-W1DL USB Wireless phone:  
R683 (plus delivery fee, else collect from Cape Town) from

USB-P8DH: (I couldn’t find any available online)

Note: these are USB devices – which means that they need to be plugged into a computer that’s on and running the VOIP software (eg: VoipBuster and VoipBusterMate).  This brings the price down… if you want a stand-alone device, then they will be more expensive (about R900)

Please note that I haven’t actually purchased any of the above devices – if/when I do, then I will provide feedback.

Here’s a (bit old) discussion thread: SIP Phones/Skype phones and where to get them?

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