Sunday, 24 July 2011

Group buying schemes in Cape Town all in one place

If you aren’t taking advantage of the discount coupon sites around then maybe now’s a good time to start.

I have created a list of all the ones that I could find for Cape Town… just hold down the ‘Ctrl’ button and click to open each of the following links in separate browser windows and then wait for them to download:  image image  image  image  image  image
Twangoo/Groupon/MyCityDeal:  image  image  image  image  image  image  image   image image image

There’s also this aggregator site that will list all the deals on one page: image
(See below for more aggregator sites)

If you use a browser like Opera or FireFox that allows you to save your browser sessions then keep the above sites open and then save the session for reopening later… or just bookmark this page and click on each link every day.

Updated on 25 July 2011:
More after a more extensive Bing search: image (Pretoria and Johannesburg only) image image image image image image Town image (aggregator) image image (aggregator) image (aggregator) image (aggregator) image (aggregator) image (aggregator) image (aggregator) image (aggregator) new, in beta still, very nice layout image (no deals yet) image (no deals yet) image


  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the post - very useful. My friend has just launched his coupon aggregator website. I think it's really cool and convenient...but i'm bias so have a look for yourself...its called dealfrica.

  2. @Anonymous, thanks for the heads-up re DealAfrica - I've added it to the list.

    I love the filtering functionality on price and city

    HTT ;)

  3. Group Buying sites are popping up all over i believe in a year only a few will make it. if i owned a group buying site i would make it very targeted to a certain market for example group cellphone buying and try and become an authority in that niche instead of trying to take on everyone thereby reducing the risk of me falling behind

  4. Hi

    We recently launched a South African daily deal aggregator called DealScout.

    Please could I ask you to feature us on your list above :-) :-)

    We offer a large number of deals from SA's leading group buying websites, comprehensive filtering abilities, a daily email and a mobile version of the website!

  5. Any brand can enjoy a massive and positive group buying marketing campaign, as long as they do it right.

  6. Hey,

    thanks for the list. I think that if you like groupon types of websites, that the best option for people, instead of going to all the different websites and having to sign up (and then getting tens of emails) is just to use an aggregator like that gives you all the deal information in one place. thats what I use and they really save me a lot of time.


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