Tuesday, 9 August 2011

If you have a pre-payment meter, then you can save 31.3% on your electricity if you buy now, only 3 days to go!

Eskom electricity tariffs will go up by 31.3% on 01July - that leaves 3 days for you to stock up on cheaper electricity:
I'm going to save that 31.3% by pre-purchasing as much electricity as I can afford before 01July2009.

Once I've purchased all that electricity, I'll want to make it last as
loooong as possible - I'll do that by checking where the biggest savings can be made by re-analysing my household's usage and cut down on the most expensive appliances: Saving electricity tips

See here for last year's posting (still relevant) for all the answers and the "Electricity Tariff Calculator tool":
Beat Eskom price increases

This year's increase details:

When are the tariffs going up?
@ 23h59 on Tues night 30 June 2009.
How much will the increases be?
2009's increase is 31.3%

The posting answers questions like:

How full can your pre-payment meter go?

How much can I purchase on my credit card?

Which tariff plan am I on?

If I fill my meter up too much will I lose my free 50 kWh per month?

And while you're saving money, why not ready the blog "Why pay cash for pre-paid electricity when you can use your credit card?" and earn cash back and "reward points".

How to save electricity:

*) turn down the temperature setting on your thermostat
- here's where and how: Where is my geyser's thermostat? How do I turn it down?
*) use less hot water (ie. Install a low‑flow shower head
). See here to purchase RST Profilence (RST contact details) and here for a report on savings (water and electricity
*) Shower, don't bath: see here for report on how much less power a shower uses than a bath
*) Install a geyser blanket to insulate your geyser and pipes. See here for a report on savings when using a geyser blanket (30% improvement)
*) use the ‘
Electricity Usage Calculator’ to see where you ‘spend’ your electricity.
*) Reduce your pool pump's ON time per day
*) Install ceiling insulation. See here for more info and suppliers
*) Lastly, use solar power to heat your geyser: install solar panels. If you are building a new house or if you replace your geyser, then install solar panels and a time switch. See here for non-savings installing a time switch if you don't have a solar geyser: non-savings report

Update on 16June2010:
Watch out or, at least, be aware: #WTF Geyser's element has just blown <3 years after installation... 5 year geyser warranty, but only 3 months on the element! #FFS #RipOff

Update on 09Aug2011:
I see the XStream warranty page has moved.... http://www.xstream.co.za/warrenty_document.html (and they can't even spell "warranty"!) 

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