Thursday, 12 January 2012

What’s the cheapest way of calling Israeli cell phones from South Africa?

A reader asked this question so I did a bit of research: 
I would recommend using your computer (with mic and headset via your PC’s ADSL Internet connection) to dial out using software called: Rynga
See here for the rates: 
Calls to Israeli landlines are free for the 1st 120 days after buying 10Euros of airtime – after the 120 days is up, it’s cheaper than using SkypeOut.
Israel  (Landline)         FREE for 120 days: then 0.21 ZAR cents per minute
Israel  (Mobile)           0.43 ZAR cents per minute.

VOIPbuster software is also an option, but they don’t offer free calls to Israel landlines:
image Israel  (Landline)         0.12       ZAR cents per minute
Israel  (Mobile)            0.83       ZAR cents per minute

If you have Skype then you can use their SkypeOut service (more expensive than the above)
ie: call from your PC to Israeli cell phone:
Destination:     Price:
Israel   ZAR 0.20 per minute
Israel - Mobile ZAR 1.15 per minute

You can also call from your cell phone (obviously more expensive than above using your PC:
This one you pay VAS (Value Added Service) call rates: image

See here for other and more detailed info:
Calling cards:

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