Sunday, 28 December 2014

If you are on Vodacom PrePaid then check your package and change….

If you are on a Vodacom PrePaid cell phone plan, then make sure that you change your plan from the expensive default plan (4U PrePaid) which charges R2,75 per minute to the much cheaper “Vodacom PrePaid 79c per minute” plan (billed per second).
imageRegister and login to the the Vodacom portal: then click on “Account Summary” and click on “Free Change” to change your plan:


Here are the costs per plan so that you can see which suits you best:
1) Yebo Vodacom 4 Less: R2.89 per minute (billed per second); SMSs (peak): 80c;  Up to 100% discount on calls throughout the day, plus other rewards. 
See here for more info: Vodacom-4-Less 
Read the terms and conditions carefully: Vodacom-4-less-terms-and-conditions
2) Daily Free calls: R1.20 per minute (billed per minute); SMSs (peak): 80c; Pay for the first 3 minutes, get the rest of your call Free (to Vodacom numbers)- Guaranteed 57 FREE minutes on every call (to Vodacom); plus other rewards; 
See here for more info: Daily-Free-Calls
Read the terms and conditions carefully: Daily-Free-Calls-terms-and-conditions
3) Anytime per second: R1.20 per minute (billed per second); SMSs (anytime): 50c; Get Free Night Shift: 60 minutes free calls between midnight and 5am for 7 days with every recharge of R12 or more; 
See here for more info: Anytime-Per-Second
Read the terms and conditions carefully: Anytime-Per-Second-terms-and-conditions
4) Vodacom Prepaid 79c: R0.79 per minute (billed per second); SMSs (anytime): 50c;  This promotion runs until Tuesday 31st March 2015 at 23:59, whereafter you will revert to your previous plan.
See here for more info: Vodacom-Prepaid-79c
5) 4U PrePaid: R2.58 per minute (billed per second); SMSs (peak): 80c;  This is the default plan for older SIM cards

Vodacom Prepaid customers can opt in to the Service via FreeChange, by calling 1181 or by dialling *111# from their Vodacom cellphone, or by using the “Free Change” button on the “Account Summary” page: 

Free calls:
100 Recharge
111 Customer care
112 Emergency
121 Voicemail
1181 Change price plan


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