Thursday, 19 August 2010

So I guess my Twitition petition is a failure: Save the Athlone Towers in Cape Town


We the undersigned petition ...

Save the Athlone Towers in Cape Town

The Athlone Towers in Cape Town are about to be demolished (on 22nd Aug 2010 at 12h00). Sign this petition to stop that from happening... Appeal to the powers that be to keep the Cape Town landmark forever!


Sign it now:

Another land mark bites the dust...

I really thought more people would object :(

Thanks for your support @nickiwentz :)

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August 19, 2010



Athlone Cooling Towers
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On the 22nd August 2010 the Athlone Cooling Towers will be Demolished. The Huge Demolition of 9000m2 concrete structure will take place at noon.

The reason for this is that the support structures have become compromised and the big structures (The Two Old Ladies) are a danger.

This video quickly gives a general over view in a kind of  Motion Infographic style.

I will be filming the demolition  and posting the video as soon as it is ready – probably before GMT+2 8pm. So keep looking here if you want to see the video. I must just be careful of all the dust and debris since I will be quite close.


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