Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Anti-theft/anti-crime web site: http://www.tagga.co.za

A colleague of mine has launched a web site that will attempt to kill the stolen goods market - if everyone in the neighbourhood registers (for a small annual fee, I think it's R50 per annum), then I'm sure it will go a long way to stopping theft and crime.

In short, when you are a victim of theft, the first thing you want to do is publish what was stolen so that anyone (with morals) can check before purchasing the "second hand" goods.
One way of doing that is to go onto the radio/mass media and tell everyone - this obviously could work, but it has a limited, once-off audience.
A better way of doing it would be to make a record (on the web site) of all the serial numbers etc. of your valuable possessions and when anything gets stolen you flag these items as stolen on the web site so any potential purchaser can search before purchasing. A reward can also be offered for the return of the goods!
Second hand stores like Cash Converters etc. are being encouraged to use the web site (for free) and check before purchasing the goods.

I would like to encourage everyone in our Neighbourhood watch area to register and start logging their possessions, and so help kill the stolen goods market!

Read here for more info: http://tagga.co.za

Check out their web site for other free services like: KeyFinder: http://www.tagga.co.za/KeyFinder

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