Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Don’t be fooled by this false advertising: “FREE fax to e-mail service”

The False advertising:

Dear reader
Are you still faxing the old-fashioned way? If you are, you are probably wasting time, money and resources.

Company XYZ [like SABC, ITweb, etc.] is pleased to offer you, our valued reader, a free fax to e-mail service.
Through a partnership with fax2email, a digital fax solution service provider, we are pleased to offer you:
• Your FREE fax number (no hidden costs),
• Faxes delivered directly to your inbox.
• This digital fix to fax problems will also free up ports on your company switchboard and save on fax line rentals, save on paper and ink, allow you to enjoy multiple fax to e-mail numbers per company and send e-mail attachments to fax machines.

For instant activation, click here….. [yeah, right!]

The Truth:
Well, it is true that it is free to the person receiving the fax by email, BUT, it is not free to the person sending the fax. In fact, these 0866 or 0865 numbers are charged at premium rate i.e. over R2 per minute…. That’s over double the cost of a national call.

If you think that 0860 calls are toll free, or that 0861, 0862, 0863, 0866, 0865 calls are charged at local rates, then you need to read the following for more information: http://www.hellkom.co.za/research/086.html

Need help identifying the owner of a commercial SMS or short code?

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