Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Wait Just a Minute: How to Defer Sending of Outlook Email

Have you ever clicked the Send button in Outlook and then thought, "Oh, no! I forgot to say x" or "Yikes - I forgot to change the email address to send this privately instead of to the whole mailing list" or even "Oops - maybe I shouldn't have sent that rant to my boss at all"?
Probably most of us have had a similar experience.
What if you could tell your computer to just wait a minute before sending, giving you a chance to have those second thoughts and rescue your mail (and in some cases, yourself)?
Well, if you use Outlook as your mail client, you can.

Here's how:
Method 1)  
 {this method will defer delivery on a per message basis}
For each email that you send, you can set a date and time when it should be sent:  Type your email message, then click on View->Options, then under "Delivery Options" tick the "Do not deliver before" item
then select the date and time that you want the email to actually be sent.  {It will remain in your OutBox and will be sent at the scheduled time (as long as you are connected to the Internet).

And/OR use this method:
Method 2)  {this method will defer delivery for all messages}
In Outlook, click the Tools menu and select Rules and Alerts.
Click the New Rule ... button.
In the Rules Wizard dialog box, click “Start from a blank rule”.
Under Step 1, select “Check messages after sending”.
Click “Next”.
Don't select any conditions so the rule will apply to all messages, and click “Next” again.
Click “Yes” when asked if you want the rule to apply to all messages.
Under "Step 1: What do you want to do with the message?", select “Defer delivery by a number of minutes”.
Under "Step 2: Edit the Rule Description," click "a number of" and set the “Deferred delivery” setting to 1 minute. Click “OK”.
Click “Finish”.
Now when you hit “Send”, the message will remain in your Inbox for a minute, giving you a chance to recall it or change it.

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