Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Forget about BlueTooth - use the blooming cable!

Forgive me while I moan a bit, while I share my experiences!

I have a Nokia N70 phone and I purchased an MSI BlueTooth USB "dongle" (StarKey) for my PC to connect to the Internet (3G or GPRS)

First of all, I decided (incorrectly) to purchase a "longer range" bluetooth dongle (claimed to work up to 100m). Then I figured out that both BlueTooth [BT for short from now on] devices need to support this "long range" capability - by my results, I figured that the N70 doesn't support this "long range" feature.

Secondly, I am forever fighting with my BT setup to get connected - I either need to stop/start the BTSTAC~1.exe process OR turn BT on then off OR reboot the phone OR reboot the PC.... sometimes all of these need to be done to get BT working again.
Last night was the last straw as none of the above hacks worked and so I decided to dump the BT device and dig out the USB cable.... and what a pleasure!
Connected 1st time, faster speed (USB to phone).... so, forget BT, hello plain old, good old USB cable!
{Note: I have subsequently found that other BT dongle devices behave much better than the MSI device... so, perhaps I'll spend a few bucks on getting another brand's BT device.}

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