Thursday, 20 March 2008

Moving from Opera to Firefox.... Here's the list of addons that I needed to install

I have just been through the same process (changing from Opera to Firefox).

Thanks to Tokei from for his article.
In addition to the addons that he listed, here are some gaps that I found and how I filled them:

Extended Statusbar 1.2.7: A Statusbar with Speed, Percentage, Time and loaded size (like Opera's one)

ImgLikeOpera 0.6.15: Allows load only the images that you want

keyconfig 20060828.1: Rebind your keys so that your Opera keystrokes can be used

PageZoom 0.3.3: Adds page zoom functionality.

Secure Login 0.9.1: A login extension similar to Opera's Wand login

Tab Mix Plus 0.3.6: Tab browsing with an added boost.

User Agent Switcher 0.6.10: Adds a menu and a toolbar button to switch the user agent of the browser.

wmlbrowser 0.7.17: Display WML (Wireless Markup Language) content (for WAP sites)

Duplicate tabs: duplicatetabs

Once you have configured FireFox - you don't really want to do it again if your PC crashes - so backup your Firefox addon config using: mozbackup-portable-firefox-and-thunderbird-backup-tool

Here are more sites with interesting info and comments on the subject:


  1. Thanks HandyTipper. I included the Statusbar add-on from your list into my Firefox. I also wrote a follow-up article to my previous post.

    Did you get the FastForward add-on to work?

    greetings, tokei

  2. Greetings tokei,

    Thanks for your updated post... good work mate!

    Sorry, I did not get to try the FastForward add-on.... in fact, I had to disable all add-ons because of very high memory and CPU usage caused by one of the add-ons (my whole PC had a slow response time).

    I disabled them all and Firefox returned to its speedy, I am in the slow process of enabling them, one-by-one. {Problem is that the slowness appears after about 30 minutes!}

    As soon as I have found the culprit, I will (let the authors know and) try out FastForward.

    {If anyone has the solution, then please let me know!}


  3. Yes, I came across the same problem. Lucky for me, my notebook has a DualCore CPU, so Firefox is still running with acceptable speed. But it causes pretty high CPU load and it's nearly unusable with these add-ons on my single CPU business notebook.

    I'm not sure whether this is caused by a single add-on or just by the number of add-ons (more than 20). Maybe Firefox 3 will be faster.

    greetings, tokei

  4. Try deinstalling the MouseGesture add-on. Speeded up things considerably on my notebook.

    greetings, tokei


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