Sunday, 23 March 2008

:) Ok, Ok, I did need an incentive! I can win R10,000 if I just TAGGA my goods and help kill the *illegal* second hand market!

I've already registered and logged some of my stuff on the TAGGA - Searchable Stolen Goods Database.
I've been meaning to register the rest, tomorrow "I'm too busy today!" I hear myself saying to myself!
Well, tomorrow has arrived (and I need the bucks!) and I really do want to kill the *illegal* second hand goods market and by so-doing perhaps reduce (even if it's in a small way) the horrible, vicious and senseless violence that so often accompanies theft and robberies.

Win R10,000 cash at TAGGA: Register and enter the serial numbers of the items in your household (if you've had stuff stolen, then enter those serial numbers as well). The more serial numbers that you enter the better your chances of winning.
Be proactive and fight crime in a way never used before. Click away crime with TAGGA!

{see the TAGGA web site for rules etc.}

For more info see my previous blogs here:

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