Thursday, 15 May 2008

The reality-seeing is believing! - it really hits home when you see it.... a cash slip from Zim for dinner for 1 totalling over 1 billion Zim Dollars!

Following on from my post on the Zimbabwe inflation rate calculator, I have just received a cash slip from a friend's dinner at "Jungle Junction" at "The Victoria Falls Hotel" in Zimbabwe.
As you can see, on 23rd March 2008, 2 beers cost $ZW191 million, 1 mineral water cost $ZW95.6 million, and dinner cost $ZW956 million and the grand total came to $ZW1,243 billion! (I wonder what the gratuity came to?!!!).

So, using the Inflation calculator @ 165,000%, on 23rd May 2008 (that's 2 months later), this bill would have increased to $ZW23,848,428,223,750 (is that 23 trillion?) [and remember, the 165,000% inflation is also going up!, so the calculation is conservative!]
Want to feel like a billionaire for a while, then book here: and remember to take a calculator with at least 15 digits to use for dinner!

And "some people" say that there's no crisis in Zimbabwe!

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