Monday, 26 May 2008

Beware when editing Skype messages to Linux users…

The Linux version of Skype has not yet caught up with the Windows version (3.5) - the feature that allows you to edit your chat messages has not been implemented in the Linux version yet.
I use Skype as a tool to keep the work team in touch with what's going on. From 'whose birthday it is', to urgent client issues that need to be sorted out… recently, confusion reigned and we found out the hard way that we need to be extra careful when information is given using a Windows version of Skype and the message is then edited - these edits do not get through to the Linux users…. So, to be safe, rather re-type the message correctly - don't edit the message and fix the typo.
But, for those people who are using the Windows version and want to use this 'message editing' feature to fix your typo, here's what you need to do:
Yes. With Skype 3.5 for Windows and above it is possible to edit or delete your most recent entry in a chat.
Right click on the message, and select ‘Edit Message’ to modify what you have written or ‘Remove Message’ to delete the entry.
Note, all members of the chat must be using for Skype 3.5 for Windows or above.
For other useful Skype chat control commands, see my previous blog: Skype chat: taking control of the group chat session
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