Monday, 15 September 2008

Cheap, very cheap is not so cheap! False Advertising! I'm getting really P'd off hearing that ADSL-ad on CapeTalk all the time!

It says: "Cheap,cheap, very cheap ADSL access" or something as irritatingly similar on Cape Talk for the past few weeks or so....
Why is it irritating? Well, because I consider it to be misleading to the general non-techie public.... in fact, it's false advertising... because if you look at the deal, it isn't the "UnBeatable" ADSL deal they claim it to be!
Granted the ad works as it got me to check out their web site (when I eventually found it) and see what they're on about. On the surface it seems that it's a good deal.
They try and undercut NashuaMobile's deal ( by R1 per month! but when you compare the deal you will see that the SAOL deal comes up short... very short!
In the text below, I try and highlight the "What They Don't Tell You" or WTDTY.... beware there are probably more WTDTYs on their web site!
UNBEATABLE OFFER: WTDTY: it IS beatable.. try NashuaMobile... but beware, there are WTDTYs on that offer too, but not as many!
ADSL 384k 1Gig All-in-1 with 20 Gig Local, R138p/m..... sounds good, very good! but......
Terms and conditions apply.... yup, they most certainly do.. and those that don't read and understand them will get caught!
1Gig Cap + 20Gig Local bandwidth after cap is reached; ADSL 384K Line... still sounds good, very good!
Free ADSL router.... WTDTY: it's a router only, not a wireless router (pay R599 more for one of those)
WTDTY: the R138 per month is only for the first 12 months, thereafter R189 for the next 12 months... oh, yes, you need to sign a 24 month contract!
WTDTY: there's a setup fee R275!
WTDTY: Topup after R69 per gig.. .can't see whether it's a "use it or lose it" policy?

I've opted for the NashuaMobile deal. See here for pricing:

Here's what's included:
Up to 384kbps ADSL Subscription (that's the Telkom line charges)
4 x 4GB POP Mailbox
Billion Wi-fi ADSL Router; WTDTY: the wireless router is network locked, so if you run out of the 1GB per month, then you either have to purchase topups from them @ R95 per GB (on a use it or lose it plan! :( ] - or perhaps consider purchasing a "plain old" ADSL router for about R350, then when you use up the 1GB then you can switch to that modem and connect to WebAfrica's R69 per GB (carry over plan). See here for more details:

Free fax to e-mail: WTDTY: it's free for you as the receiver of the fax, but the sender pays almost cell phone rates (even for a "local" fax call). See here for more details:

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