Sunday, 9 November 2008

Stop theft now! Register your cell phone for free and your laptop for R50 per year

Register your cell phone for free here:
Register the rest of your household goods for free here: Tagga

Register your laptop for R50 per year:
This web site collects all sorts of information from your laptop e.g. Mac address, HDD serial number, motherboard serial number, and more….

When stolen laptops are recovered, the hardware is scanned and matched with the database and returned to the rightful owners.
This initiative was founded with the aim of eliminating the theft of computer equipment throughout South Africa.

By partnering Government, South African Police Service, Insurance Companies, Second-hand Dealers and YOU the Taxpayer, ITCrimes have made it their mission to declare WAR on Computer/Laptop and Cellphone THEFT...

See here for more Tagga posts:

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