Sunday, 9 November 2008

Send SMSs anywhere in the world for FREE! (OK, you pay <1c for the GPRS costs)

Powered by advertising, now you can send a text message to any cell phone in the world for free.
Mobile web portal is offering a groundbreaking new service: from now on, any cellphone user can send messages to any phone in the world, unlimited, to all countries and completely free of charge.

I couldn't figure out the details of what was involved by reading their web site, so I decided to try it out, and sure enough I could send free SMSs to cell phones for free! The delivery was almost immediate as well - so, so far, I'm pretty impressed.
Oh, 1 more thing - the text messages have no character limit!
The process was simple. Here's what I had to do:
1) Once you've set up your cell phone for GPRS use (here are some instructions: open your cell phone's Internet browser and connect to
2) Click on "Join" and fill in your details: Country, cell number
3) Mjoy will then send an SMS to your cell phone with a URL that you need to follow to activate your account
4) Open the SMS, and click on the URL - your browser should open and you'll be taken to Step 3 of the registration process: Choose a nickname and password, then click on "Send me the link".
5) You should then get a "Registration successful" message, then click on the "Login" button, then "Home" button
6) Bookmark this page for future use
7) To send SMSs, click on the "Free Text" button, then on "New Message" and fill in the destination cell number and message, then click "Send"
The recipient will receive your text message along with an advert like "I am texting for FREE with"
(Seems like if you are registered on mjoy, then you don't actually receive the text message - you receive a message pointing you to your InBox on the web site: "New mjoy message - open the link")
For other ways to send free SMSs see here:
Did you know that you can send FREE SMSs to Vodacom cell phones?:
Send 1 free SMS every 2 hours to any network in South Africa; and 5 SMSs every 4 hours to Zim - and it works!:


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