Saturday, 29 November 2008

250MB free ADSL bandwidth (and free unlimited Dialup)

Get 250MB free ADSL usage from this newly launched service (26Nov)... but are there any catches? HTT analyses the "Save More" offer in detail and mentions the other plans on offer.
Obviously, this business model relies on the users running out (or growing out) of the first free 250MB and then topping up the MB, or switching to other packages: MaxiSave Lite, MaxiSave Plus.

ADSL accounts are free for the first 250MB. Dial-up access is free and unlimited.

See here for the MyISP offer:

Summary + things to be aware of on the Free plan:
* Free Unlimited Dial-up
* Free 250MB ADSL usage
* Topups: R60 for additional 500MB (= 12c/MB) --> called "SaveMore".

* there's no email box nor other services (web space, hosting, etc)
* Use it or lose it? {topup bandwidth is probably lost if unused at month end}
* Support line is an 0861 number (charged at about cell phone rates)
* doesn't mention that the 250MB is allocated free per month - so perhaps it's a once off free allocation - thereafter you might need to pay R60 per 500MB! Altho the MyBroadband article ( does mention that this is a per month free allocation
* no email box (use the free and excellent - unless you're sensitive about privacy/"BigBrother" issues)

HTT's summary on the free offer:
* Sounds like a good idea - tech savvy people might switch to get the first 250MB free - that will save them about R17 per month. Thereafter they will probably switch back to their R70 per GB account (eg: WebAfrica or other)
* Free dialup will be attractive to all that still access the Internet using dialup (but then you will need to subscribe to a free email provider)

Other plans on offer:
MaxiSave Lite:
* Free Unlimited Dial-up
* Free 300MB ADSL usage
* Compulsory 1x mailbox @ R29 per month
* Topups: 500MB @ R55 (=11c/MB)

MaxiSave Plus:
* Free Unlimited Dial-up
* Free 300MB ADSL usage, thereafter pay-as-U-use @ 10c/MB {cutoff at 1000MB}
* Compulsory 1x mailbox @ R29 per month

Minor issue: topups listed per MB (not per GB). 1GB is not 1000MB (it's actually 1024 MB)

See here for an article including an interview with Leon Gerber (MyISP's director):
See here for other HTT articles on ADSL accounts:
If you're not using WebAfrica's ADSL ISP then you ARE paying too much! R70/GB [that's 7c per MB!]: NO "use-it-or-lose-it"
Stop throwing away unused ADSL bandwidth at the end of every month....
Cheap, very cheap is not so cheap! False Advertising! I'm getting really P'd off hearing that ADSL-ad on CapeTalk all the time!

1 comment:

  1. I was just about to fax off the application form when I spotted something in the terms and conditions:
    9. Change to ADSL Service Terms
    We may change any or all of the ADSL Service Terms including (without limitation) the ADSL Service charges at any time without notice to you.
    Any changes will become effective when we publish them.
    You agree to check our legal notices website, the ADSL Website and the ADSL Service Terms periodically for changes.
    By continuing to use the ADSL Services after we make the changes, you agree to be bound by the changed ADSL Service Terms.
    If you do not accept the changed ADSL Service Terms, you must stop subscribing to the service (if you have not subscribed for a fixed terms), or stop using the ADSL.

    Sorry, that's !!not!! the type of agreement that I will agree to!
    I'll pay as you go with or


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