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Send SMSs anywhere in the world for FREE from your mobile phone! Site updated....

Mjoy is an unbelievable service and I use it daily!

Granted, MXit is (very) gr8, but for those that aren't 'hard-wired' (logged in) to MXit all day, SMS is more accessible (but, until Mjoy, more expensive).

I see the site has just been upgraded and I couldn't find the login button on the new site (I could only see a 'Join' button) on the page. :eek:

I managed to find a (temporary, I hope) workaround.... by entering my Country and Cell number, then clicking on the "Join" button,
then an SMS was sent to my cell phone.
I followed the link on my cell phone and the system complained that the cell number was already registered - I clicked 'No' to keep the exiting user,
and then I was taken to the 'Change password' screen.
I entered the old password (twice) and I was then taken to the Mjoy main menu (and I could send SMSs again).

BUT, I logged out again, and then the Login button was still missing.... do I need to go thru the "Join" process again??

{For the record: today there are 83,254 users from 141 countries - 125 new members joined today.}

See here for the orginal HTT MJoy post: Send SMSs anywhere in the world for FREE! (OK, you pay less than 1c for the GPRS costs)

Update: Mar2009: see comments below which include statement from Mjoy indicating that their service is primarily for mobile - so PC users cannot use their browser to login.

I have heard of colleagues using Firefox to login successfully though.... must be an Add on, because virgin installations of Firefox are blocked from logging into Mjoy.

Here's a dump of add ons from a PC with Firefox that does allow logging into Mjoy:

Application: Firefox 3.0.7 (2009021910)
Operating System: WINNT (x86-msvc)
- Better Gmail 2
- BugMeNot 2.1
- Context Search 0.4.3
- DownloadHelper 4.2
- Enrique B. and John S. 0.6.1
- Extended Statusbar 1.5.3
- Extension List Dumper 1.14.1
- Fast Dial 2.22b
- Free Download Manager plugin 1.3.4
- HandyTechTipper Toolbar
- IE Tab 1.5.20090207
- ImgLikeOpera 0.6.17
- Java Console 6.0.11
- Java Quick Starter 1.0
- keyconfig 20080929
- Linkification 1.3.5
- PageZoom 0.4.0
- PC Sync 2 Synchronisation Extension (Nokia)
- RetailMeNot 2.2
- Rewind/Fastforward Buttons 2.1.2008062002
- Secure Login 0.9.3
- Session Manager
- StumbleUpon 3.28
- Tab Mix Plus
- Tree Style Tab 0.7.2009031701
- User Agent Switcher 0.6.11
- View Cookies 1.7
- Web Developer 1.1.6
- wmlbrowser 0.7.18
- Xinha Here! 0.14

Items listed in bold are probably the enabler(s) - if you manage to isolate the add on, then please comment and assist others in using their PCs to send free SMSs.

{For the record: today (21Mar'09) there are 113,404 users from 145 countries - 952 new members joined today.}

Update: 06Apr2009: Seems like all good things come to an end... Mjoy have now restricted the SMS sending of messages to max 5 per day. I got this error message when sending an SMS:
"Sorry, you can currently only send 5 messages per day. To help increase the daily amount of messages, please click on advertisement when using this service."

They still need to modify their message on their registration page which still says;
"Send unlimited FREE Text Messages to any mobile phone in the world. Enter your phone number below and we will send you a message with a link to our service."

{For the record: today (21Mar'09) there are 127351 users from all parts of the world - 483 new members joined today.}


  1. Update to the posting above....

    I did not mention that I was trying to access the web site using my desktop PC when "I couldn't find the login button on the new site". It seems that this is by design - mjoy prefer that users use their mobile phones since it is the mobile users that they're targetting.

    So, I logged on using my mobile phone, and sure enough, the login screen appeared and I am now back to sending free SMSs all over the world :)

    Thanks to mjoy for finding my blog and pointing this out to me.

    {For the record: mjoy now has 86,332 users (651 new members today!) from 141 countries}

    Here's some extracts from their email to me (refer to the bottom of the where mjoy state their reasons for blocking access from desktop PCs):

    mjoy: Hello, we just noted that you have published an article in your blog about our portal mjoy. Thank you for that! If I understand it correctly, you have some trouble logging on? If you access from your mobile phone, you should find the default login screen, where you can enter your username and password as usual. The screen you mention (with the join button) is what you should see when accessing mjoy not from a mobile phone but from a computer.

    Here's our latest press release:
    Mobile Web Portal Mjoy Launches Micro-Blogging For Mobile Phones -- Mobile web service offers a new communication widget. With Post it!, users anywhere can broadcast their personal news and status from their phones. Post it! is a powerful addition to mjoy's successful free text messaging service which allows sending free SMS from any phone to any network.

    COLOGNE, GERMANY, February 27, 2009 -- People from all over the world now broadcast themselves with mjoy. The mobile internet portal announced the launch of Post it!, the most recent addition to mjoy's online services, tailored to all common mobile handsets currently available. Post it! is a micro-blogging feature that enables people to send their personal news, advice, and insights to a global audience. In adding this latest widget, mjoy converts the outspoken wish of its userbase for another mobile communication tool. Last fall, mjoy started its portal and introduced a unique free text messaging service. Users can text from any phone to any network completely free of charge.

    The new micro-blogging widget Post it! lets users take advantage of a popular broadcasting tool from anywhere, anytime. Registered users send their messages of up to 140 characters to the mjoy audience. All other clients can read this news from more than 140 countries. Flags next to the usernames identify where in the world the sender comes from.

    Post it! also lets people follow the personal news of their friends, or track the output of interesting publishers, and they can communicate personally with each other. With the introduction of mjoy's individual profile called mCard, users can share personal information with the community and send their status to the world. For example, they can let their followers know what they're working on, where they travel, or what they wish for. is the mobile internet portal of Germany-based Venista Group. mjoy stands for well-designed web-based services, providing the comfortable user experience of the most advanced smartphones free from any hardware. In the thicket of various manufacturers and operating systems around, mjoy makes state-of-the-art user experience work on all common handsets available today. mjoy's ad-funded portal is the most successful free SMS service for the mobile phone currently available and will keep developing into a versatile starting point to the mobile internet. Less than four months after going on-line, mjoy already has more than 80,000 registered users from 141 countries.

    HTT: Regarding logging on from my computer: why has that been blocked?

    mjoy: Hi, well, mjoy is a mobile site. As you probably know, there are lots of free SMS providers all around the world that offer sending free text from the PC. mjoy is specializing on mobile-specific solutions, so that's the reason. Our business model is simply, at this step, defined by a mobile use of the service. This seems to hit a certain nerve, as we have an average of more than 1,000 people signing up per day recently without any ads from our part (just media coverage and viral growth). Most people say: It's great that we can send free text from our mobiles to any phone anywhere. Sorry for blocking out the home computer use meanwhile, but mobile is really what we are about.

  2. Thanks for the tips.

    I also ran around in circles trying to register, and only found this extra info by checking your comments. Could you add the update directly to the original post? as it's not visible unless you check your comments.

    I was mainly looking to comment about the number of hits your site appears to get on - whereas those numbers don't reflect the reality of your page impressions. Seems to me like you're getting all the daily hits.

    Cheers :)


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