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Firearms renewals - more info.... electronic forms with instructions available on SAPS site

A gun shop owner has mentioned that he has had to hire more staff to deal with the influx of last minute firearm renewal applications. Remember, you have until end March 2009 to get yours done!

Further to the 01Feb article "Firearm license renewal... if you're born from 1Oct to 31Dec, then you have until 31Mar 2009 - here's a summary of what you need to do...."
here are some more links to make this process easier for you:

Here's a list of steps to follow from SAPS (including the Firearms Control Act, 2000): Steps to follow.

Contact details: SAPS National Firearms Call Centre

Download forms (and instructions) electronically: Firearms forms (SAP web site)

Here's a list of what's available:

General forms:
  • SAPS 349 Of Firearms in Possession of Government Departments Other Bodies Which Are Exempt from Licensing
  • SAPS 522 Cancellation of an Application for a Licence, Permit, Certificate or Authorization
  • SAPS 522(a) Surrendering of Firearm Item(s)
  • SAPS 522(b) Forfeiture of Firearm Item(s)
  • SAPS 523 Acknowledgement of Receipt of Firearm Documentation
  • SAPS 523(a) Remittance Advice for Firearm Applications
  • SAPS 531 Request to Alter Firearm by a Gunsmith
  • SAPS 532 Infringement Notice
  • SAPS 532(a) Response to Infringement Notice
  • SAPS 533 Request to Cancel a Firearm Licence, Permit, Certificate or Authorization
  • SAPS 533(a) Request to Suspend a Firearm Licence, Permit, Certificate or Authorization
  • SAPS 534 Transfer of Firearm Ownership
  • SAPS 535 Forwarding Schedule
  • SAPS 538 Certificate in Terms of Regulation 86(8) of the Firearms Control Regulations, 2004
  • SAPS 539 Permission to Store a Firearm in Terms of Regulation 86(4) of the Firearms Control Regulations, 2004

Application forms:

  • SAPS 271 Application for Licence to Possess a Firearm
  • SAPS 349(a) Application for Acquisition of Firearms by Official Institutions
  • SAPS 517 Application for a Competency Certificate
  • SAPS 517(a) Application for a Further Competency Certificate
  • SAPS 517(b) Application for a Duplicate Licence, Permit, Certificates or Authorization for Lost, Stolen and Defaced Licences
  • SAPS 517(c) Application for Licence Issued to Particular Categories of Persons -Dealers, Manufacturers or Gunsmiths
  • SAPS 517(d) Application to Manufacture a New Firearm or Ammunition Type
  • SAPS 517(e) Application for Renewal of Licence(s) in Terms of the Previous Act
  • SAPS 517(f) Application to Declare Premises A Firearm Free Zone
  • SAPS 518 Application for a Temporary Authorization to Possess a Firearm
  • SAPS 518(a) Application for the Renewal of a Firearm Licence, Permit, Certificate or Authorization
  • SAPS 518(b) Application for a Temporary Authorization to Trade in Firearms and Ammunition, to Conduct Business as a Gunsmith or to Display Firearms and Ammunition on Premises Other than Those Specified in the Dealers’, Manufacturers’ or Gunsmiths’ Licence
  • SAPS 519 Application for Accreditation as an Association
  • SAPS 519(a) Application for Accreditation for Business Purposes
  • SAPS 519(b) Application for Accreditation as an Official Institution
  • SAPS 520 Application for Multiple Import Or Export Permit/Permanent Import Or Export Permit/temporary Import Or Export Permit/in-transit Permit for Personal Use (Individuals and Companies)
  • SAPS 520(a) Application for Multiple Import or Export Permit/ Permanent Import or Export Permit/Temporary Import or Export Permit/in-transit Permit for Dealers, Manufacturers and Gunsmiths
  • SAPS 520(b) Application for Permit to Transport Firearms and Ammunition
  • SAPS 520(c) Application for a Permit to Collect Ammunition
  • SAPS 520(d) Application for Compensation
  • SAPS 536 Application for Authorization to Possess More than 2 400 Primers
  • SAPS 540 Application for Authorization to Possess more than 200 rounds of ammunition
  • SAPS 521 Notification of Lost or Stolen Licences, Permits, Certificates and Authorizations
  • SAPS 521(a) Notification of Ceasing to Carry on Business
  • SAPS 521(b) Notification of Change of Address
  • SAPS 521(c) Notification of Change in Circumstances
  • SAPS 521(d) Notification of Change of Commercial Agent Premises
  • SAPS 521(e) Notification on Assignment of New Responsible Person for Juristic Person
  • SAPS 521(f) Notification of Lost/Stolen/Found Firearms
  • SAPS 521(g) Notification of Incorrect Information
  • SAPS 521(h) Notification of Requirement to Deactivate a Firearm
  • SAPS 530 Notice of Appeal
  • SAPS 350(a) Dealer’s Return: Stock Received
  • SAPS 350(b) Dealer’s Return: Stock Supplied
  • SAPS 350(c) Manufacturer’s Return: Stock Manufactured
  • SAPS 350(d) Manufacturer’s Return: Stock Supplied
  • SAPS 350(e) Gunsmith’s Return: Stock Received
  • SAPS 350(f) Gunsmith’s Return: Stock Supplied

Firearm Licence Renewal Periods: SAPS FAQs

Good luck!

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